BTS Members to Serve In the Military Service Soon.

It has been official that the world-famous k-pop boys band BTS will have to serve in the military soon. It has been announced that the eldest member of the group, Jin will start military enlistment soon.

It was agreed that the members will serve in the military after years and months of speculation and internal negotiations inside the South Korean administration. A law allowing K-Pop stars to postpone their military duty until they are 30 was approved by the South Korean Parliament in 2020.

So, now that the time has come for the members of BTS to start enlisting for military services. Jin, the eldest BTS member at 29 years old, will be the first to enroll for his required military service.

The other BTS members are Suga (age 29), J-Hope and RM (age 28), V and Jimin (age 26), and Jungkook (age 25).

The other BTS members will serve mandatory military service in accordance with their plans, according to the regulatory filing.

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When will BTS Members Serve In the Military Service?


BTS member Jin will apply to annul the deferral of his military enrollment in late October and subsequently adhere to the Military Manpower Administration’s enlisting procedure, according to a publicly published statement sent by HYBE to stock investors on October 17.

The other participants will thereafter proceed with their enlistments in accordance with their own arrangements. The official statement given by BigHit Entertainment follows, “Today, BigHit Music is happy to share the news that the members of BTS are actively pursuing preparations to complete their military obligations.

It’s the ideal time, and the members of BTS are honored to serve, following the incredible concert to promote Busan’s bid for the World Expo 2030 and as each person starts their own separate endeavors.

BigHit Music has placed special emphasis on the current time period when it is possible to respect national demands and allow these healthy young men to serve alongside their fellow citizens.

Jin, a member of the group, will start the procedure as soon as his solo release plan, which is set for the end of October, is completed. After that, he will adhere to the Korean government’s enrollment process.”

Following their obligations, the group will reunite as a whole in 2025, according to BigHit entertainment. A tricky situation for the South Korean government is avoided thanks to BTS’s choice to join. All able-bodied males under the age of 30 must serve in the military.

The current system permits a few exclusions based on remarkable service to the nation. This justification has been used to pardon some elite sportsmen and classical musicians, but pop performers have not, according to Variety.