ONEUS Ravn is accused of cheating and gaslighting his alleged girlfriend.

On October 14, a fresh issue involving ONEUS member Ravn was making the rounds in online forums and on numerous social media platforms. The previous day’s morning saw the publication of a lengthy post by a person posing as Ravn’s ex-girlfriend on Twitter by an unnamed user.

The ex-girlfriend, who is thought to be Japanese, allegedly claimed in the post that the idol had gaslit her, committed rape, and cheated on her.

More About the Accusations at ONEUS Ravn.


In the opening line of her letter, the alleged ex-girlfriend said, “Oppa hi, I guess you thought easy of me because I was so nice and I liked you so much, but since it came to this, I gave up. I asked you if you had any regrets but this is so cowardly of you to run away like this. You’re so happy since I am gone right?

The iPad you mentioned wanting to gift me? the bouquet, too, oh! You promised to get me Disney+ as well. I continue to wait. Oh, right, you gave them to someone, so I suppose you feel good about yourself?

Yet this is where it all ends. You chose the wrong person to meddle with.” As she continued to describe how she and Ravn first connected on Twitter, the user said, “The way we met was in February 2020 when (ONS) had a schedule in Japan. That day we drank together and he fed me so much alcohol that made me blank out.

He then had s*x with me while I was blacked out.” She further added, “I already knew that he slept with another Japanese female the day before, so when he came to see me again, he got caught by his staff members and boss, so I had to be locked alone in the small closet for an hour.”

The person also released what she claimed to be an audio clip of Ravn using abusive language while discussing another ex-girlfriend who had upset him, adding that he had wanted to “stab her with a knife.”

The next morning, RBW published a brief statement noting that they were investigating the validity of the claims. The agency’s official statement was:

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“Hello, this is RBW.

First of all, we would like to express our gratitude to the supporters of the band ONEUS and inform them that we are in the process of thoroughly investigating the veracity of the posts made concerning member Ravn.

We also pledge to do every effort to accurately ascertain all the facts. Thank you.”

With the allegations that have been put up on ONEUS’s Ravn, his fans are concerned about him. The company is taking up every action to dwell on the truth. The fans need to have patience till the truth comes out.