The Fujifilm X-T5: Design, Features, Pricing, and More 

The Fujifilm X-T5 is still some time away. However, new details regarding the mirrorless APS-C camera are emerging regularly. The Fujifilm X-H2 should not be confused with the X-H2S.

In recent years, Fujifilm has risked offending its core fanbase, which prefers its traditional, dial-based control system, by moving some models to the more frequently used ‘PASM’ (Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter, Manual) configuration. Fujifilm X-H2S, X-S10, and GFX medium format cameras are examples of the latter.

According to the latest reports, one of the cameras will most likely be the Fujifilm X-T5. The X-T series has always had separate dials for ISO and shutter speed, with most Fujifilm lenses including aperture rings regulating the exposure triangle’s third element.

This is expected to remain for the X-replacement, T4, as it is a feature of that mid-range series.

The Fujifilm X-T5 Price and Availability

The Fujifilm X-T5

We haven’t seen any significant leaks regarding the Fujifilm XT5’s release date or pricing, but some educated guesswork is filling in the gaps.

Right present, the most likely launch date looks to be early 2023. There are a few causes for this. To begin with, Fujifilm has just recently released the Fujifilm X-H2, leaving little opportunity for an X-T5 announcement following that camera throughout the remainder of the year.

Furthermore, as Fuji Rumors points out, the business has never released a camera between November and December. So a debut in the first quarter of 2023, probably around the third anniversary of the Fujifilm X-T4, seems to make the most sense.

Stacked chips cost significantly more, which would help bring the X-pricing T5 closer to its usual mid-range level. With that in mind, we believe the initial pricing of the Fujifilm X-T4 is a decent overall marker for the X-T5. That camera was released in 2020 for $1,699, a specific price point for hybrid APS-C cameras.

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Battery life 

The Fujifilm X-T5

Another strange rumor concerning the Fujifilm X-T5, this time from Fuji Rumors, is that it will lack battery grip accessory options.

For example, suppose you want to extend your camera’s battery life to ‘all day’ while giving it more heaviness for longer lenses. In that case, your only alternatives appear to be the Fujifilm X-H series or an older X-T camera.

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The Fujifilm X-T5

The most widely shared Fujifilm X-T5 rumor is that the camera will include the ‘non-stacked’ 40MP APS-C X-Trans sensor seen in the upcoming Fujifilm X-H2.

These add a layer of DRAM to the sensor itself (thus the term “stacked”), significantly improving read-out speeds. This is useful for increasing a camera’s burst-shooting rates and allowing high-resolution video without a rolling shutter.

Unlike the X-H2 series, the X-T5 is likely to have only one version. That’s because, near the conclusion of the X Summit, Fuji claims of its two new fifth-generation sensors, “there is no other camera platform better ideal for including them both than the ‘X-H’ series.” While this is up to interpretation, it does imply that only the X-H series will contain both sensors – which makes sense in our opinion.

The X-basic T5’s ISO setting might be lower than its predecessor’s. This would be especially useful for landscape photographers since it would aid in optimizing dynamic range in high-contrast subjects such as sunrises and sunsets.

Final Thoughts

Whether or whether this camera is a game changer will vary from person to person. Fujifilm lovers who have enjoyed using the X-T1, X-T2, X-T3, and X-T4 with a battery grip will be disappointed. If your shooting style needs a grip, you’re out of luck until you go for a more costly model.