Zendaya and Tom Holland Were Seen Holding Hands While Touring

Zendaya and Tom Holland Update: The love between a couple can be seen through many gestures. Whether it is related to date or just a casual outing, we have seen many celebrities having a perfect time together if they are in love.

Talking about the recent time then we have spotted a lot of celebrities having a perfect time with their partner. Among them were the actresses Zendaya and Tom Holland. The couple was seen holding hands on a romantic date while they were enjoying time at a museum.

It’s been many days since the couple Tom Holland and Zendaya got spotted. It was recently on 7 October 2022 when the actress was seen with her boyfriend while having a perfect time in France. They both were enjoying time in a museum while holding the hand of each other.

Like any other spectator of the Museum, they both were standing in line. Coming to the style then Zendaya was looking very beautiful in an oversize blouse dress. Tom Holland was also there in a striped shirt and dark pants.

Zendaya and Tom Holland Were Seen Holding Hands


This outing of the couple was seen after Zandaya celebrated her birthday with Tom Holland and her mother. After some days they were seen hanging around on scooters while taking the view of Budapest.

Coming to the recent look then Zendaya was wearing glasses and her hair was tied up in a bun. She was seen almost with no makeup while Tom Holland was looking very serious and focused on the sculptures present in the museum.

The couple is very private related to their personal life and that is the reason why they don’t want to be in the light. It was just a few weeks ago when Tom Holland was seen with his girlfriend in very casual attire. They were also joined by the younger brother of Tom Holland, that is Harry. All three of them were seen coming out of a restaurant and having a great meal together.

The couple started dating ever since they worked on Spider-Man movies. The dating rumors started from their great friendship but it was n July 2021 when the couple confirmed their relationship. It happened when both were seen kissing each other.

It was recently when Zendaya won the best actress award at Emmy Awards. The first person whom she informed about her winning is none other than her boyfriend Tom Holland. Fans are loving the adorable movement between these two and that’s why they want to see more of them on screen and off the screen.