Kristen Stewart’s New Hairstyle Is Grunge but Still Very Chic

The 32-year-old actress  Kristen Stewart did it again by debuting a new grunge mullet at the Chanel Spring 2023 fashion show in Paris, France.

Stewart, sitting in the front row, must have thought her inconspicuous shaggy mullet would go unnoticed, but she was wrong. Adir Abergel’s master cut sat perfectly on her head and highlighted her lightly made-up face.

Stewart’s outfit was also kept simple as she stepped out in a tweed miniskirt and a long sleeve shirt with a Chanel logo on it. In an interview with the fashion house after the show, Stewart was praised for incorporating masculine, feminine, and androgynous styles into his womenswear collection.

She said The show I just saw almost moved me to tears. But this is so intimate. It was like the girls were allowed to be there with so much individuality, but there was this unified sense of tolerance.

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Here you can have a look at the new hairstyle of Kristen Stewart.

Kristen Stewart

Stewart is the face of Spring 2023 womenswear at House Chanel, and her statement about the show makes sense once you see the pieces she modeled. She told creative director Virginia Varda that she would follow her anywhere, and she did just that.

The Charlie’s Angels actress chose a variety of pieces that showed off all sides of her style, from beautiful party dresses to mini dresses that showed off her legs.

Stewart’s 2022 Oscars outfit is definitely one for the books as she hit the red carpet in Chanel mini shorts, an unbuttoned white shirt, and a matching black blazer. She wore black kurtas and accessorized with layered necklaces.

The actress wore her natural blonde hair for the show but styled it into a grunge style that added an easy and fresh aesthetic to her already carefree fashion choice. “Who wears shorts to the Oscars?” Kristen Stewart!

Back to her new brunette mullet, style junkies can’t get enough of her cropped fringe and layered pixie cut. Abergel never misses when it comes to styling Stewart’s hair, whether it’s a topknot or a short, bushy mullet.

Whenever Stewart chooses a style, it’s a fashion statement that defies the norm, hence the purposeful, edgy tips. This won’t be the last of the actress’ bold hairstyles and we look forward to more.