Olivia Wilde Avoids Questions About Florence Pugh and Shia LaBeouf.

The drama keeps on. At a press conference, Olivia Wilde applauded Florence Pugh for Don’t Worry, Darling, but she declined to talk about Shia LaBeouf. The Little Women actress, 26, was described as “a force” by Booksmart director, 38, at a press conference on Monday, September 5, at the Venice International Film Festival.

We are incredibly appreciative that she was able to attend the red carpet tonight despite Dune being in production.

When asked whether she could “clear the air” about speculations that she and Pugh had a falling out after Don’t Worry Darling filming wrapped up, Wilde responded in the negative. Don’t Worry Darling will be released in cinemas later this month.

The House alum said on Monday, “I know as a director how disruptive it is to lose an actress even for a day, so I’m extremely thankful to her and to Dune director Denis Villeneuve for supporting us.” And tonight, we’ll be able to honor her contributions. She is our lead, and I can’t express how honored I am to have her. She is incredible.

“As for all the unending tabloid rumors and commotion out there, the internet feeds itself,” the former O’C star said. I don’t need to give since I believe it is fully fed. According to a Deadline article the day before the press appearance, the actress from Midsommar had to travel in from Hungary, where she had been shooting the Dune sequel.

On the other hand, she was scheduled to go to the movie’s premiere on Monday and return to the Dune set on September 6.

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Olivia Wilde and Other At Don’t Worry Darling Premiere.

Olivia Wilde
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When asked about LaBeouf, 36, who left the film Don’t Worry, Darling in August 2020, Wilde was delighted to laud Pugh but remained silent. The Drinking Buddies actress allegedly said that the subject has already been addressed since “it’s on the internet” when a journalist inquired about the Transformers actor on Monday.

The New Yorker alleged in a Variety cover story published last month that she dismissed LaBeouf from the movie due to his unsafe “process” for other crew members. The Even Stevens star disagreed with her narrative, telling the publication that he left the film because there wasn’t enough time for rehearsing.

In letters to Variety that he claimed to have written to Wilde, the Peanut Butter Falcon actor wrote: “You and I both know the reasons for my leaving. I left your movie because I couldn’t find time to practice with your actors.

He said his termination “never took place,” adding: “And although I appreciate the attraction of promoting that tale because of the present social context, the social currency it provides. It is not accurate.

LaBeouf addressed an email to Wilde, who reportedly sent him a video in August 2020, the same month that Don’t Worry Darling‘s release was revealed. The Richard Jewell actor seemed to be alluding to LaBeouf’s decision to abandon the project when she remarked in the video, “I feel like I’m not ready to give up on this yet, and I too am upset, and I want to sort this out.

A source revealed to Us Weekly earlier this month that the couple’s relationship was dramatic. The insider said that Olivia and Shia “simply never saw eye to eye.” He believed she was on an ego trip while she thought he was a loose cannon.


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