The Kardashians Season 2: Streaming Soon On Hulu

The Kardashians Season 2 is a reality television show that airs on the streaming network Hulu. Well who would not know about this crazy and fun show, right! The show has released one season which consisted of 10 episodes. After season 1, a season 2 is soon releasing and we have got all the details. Read on to check out.

The Kardashians Season 2: Release date and streaming platform

Season 1 of this show was released in the month of April this year with the last episode coming out on June 16. With such a huge fan and audience base, our Kardashians knew that they will have to get back in the shooting routine really soon.

What was expected that only happened. The production has renewed the show for a season 2 and has also announced the release date and we are so excited to share it with you.

Season 2 of “The Kardashians” will be releasing on 22nd of September, 2022. Yes you read it right, just after around 3 months of completion of Season 1, this reality show is coming up with it’s season 2 which will include all recent and burning updates. It will hosted by Hulu on it’s platform.

Season 1: A Quick Synopsis You Needed

The Kardashians Season 2

The first season of “The Kardashians” began to premiere on the 14th of April, 2022. It was aired on the over-the-top streaming platform Hulu. The season consisted of 10 real happenings episodes. The season released it’s last episode on June 16th this year.

Although not much time have passed since it made a debut, the makers have renewed it for a season 2 and it will be premiering in the next month. We hope you clearly read the release date information that we have provided in the section above. For now let us have a look at the10 realistic episodes that Season 1 had to showcase :

  1. Burn Them All to the F*cking Ground – the first episode made a debut on April 14, 2022.
  2. Did Somebody Tape That? – this one premiered on 21st April, 2022.
  3. Live From New York – April 28 marks the release of episode number 3.
  4. We’re Celebrating Sex – the fourth episode was aired on 5th of May this year.
  5. Who is Kim K? – halfway through, this one was released on May 12.
  6. This is a Life or Death Situation – May 19 marks the airing of episode number six.
  7. Where I’ve Been and Where I Wanna Go – it premiered on 26 May, 2022.
  8. Never Go Against the Family – released on June 2 this year.
  9. Bucket List Goals – the second-last episode or rather the ninth episode in the season was released on June 9, 2022.
  10. Enough is Enough – 16th June marks the release of the finale episode of Season 1.

Season 2 coming out on September 22, 2022. Just a few weeks are left, we hope you can resist till then.

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