Ms. Marvel Season 2: Is not happening? Cinematographer’s take

Ms. Marvel Season 2 will happen or not it’s a very important question right now as the Cinematographer of the show O’Loughlin has said to…

Published: August 22nd, 2022 1:12 am | Updated: August 22, 2022 1:12 am

Ms. Marvel Season 2 will happen or not it’s a very important question right now as the Cinematographer of the show O’Loughlin has said to COmicbook.Com that he is now aware of Season 2, weather it’s happening or not?  Will we are able to see Kamala again on our screen on the streaming platform Disney+ or not? I assume that this will be the question in everyone’s mind when the Season One of the series came to an end.

Till now Loki is the only Marvel Live action series that got the privilege of renewal for Season 2. The series called MS Marvel is the MCU’s first Pakistani-American superhero.

So whether it was the end of the journey of this female superhero or we can see her again on our screens ??

Where we will be able to see Kamala again?

The next time will see Kamal Khan aka Ms. Marvel on our screens in The Marvels,  which will hit theaters on July 28, 2023. 

Will we be seeing Ms. Marvel Season 2?

To be really honest with fans of Kamala, we can say that there is a very low probability that we’ll again see a series purely focusing on her. We’ll be seeing her soon in an MCU movie.

Ms. Marvel Season 2
Marel Studios

But we’ll keep on seeing Kamala in different series of Marvels. However, Episode 6 was called “Season Finale” rather than a “Series Finale” so we can still be hopeful about seeing the solo story of Kamala with Ms. Marvel Season 2.

Even if it is going to happen then also we need to wait for it till August 2023 at least and can expect Season 2 only after The Marvels, which will without any doubt impact Kamala’s storyline.

One of the officials of Series said :

A Ms. Marvel movie would also be awesome. If they ask us, we’ll be there. We’ll see what happens with The Marvels, where Iman is there, too. If we can get the chance to explore more of her world and her friends and her family, there are more elements to the story. We can go even further.

If Season 2 happens who we can see again?

The entire Khan family will be back if Season 2 happens including Zenobia Shroff, Mohan Kapur, and Saagar Shaikh. Kamala’s gang will also be back namely: Yasmeen Fletcher as Nakia, Matt Lintz as Bruno, Aramis Knight as Red Dagger, and Rish Shah as Kamran.

What do the actors think about it?

“I definitely think Kareem has a future in the MCU. Yeah, I look forward to you guys seeing it and hopefully doing more. I hope we get season 2. I think we have a very good shot at it.” One of the actors said this.

If Season 2 happens then what could be the possible storyline?

If season 2 happens when there is a lot to explore about the relationship between Kamala and Bruno. Plus some sort of questions are also there like: Will Nakia succeed in running for Mosque president? What will be the next step for Kamran after he managed to escape Damage Control?

All and all there are plenty of good indications that the series will come up with a Season 2 and even if it’s not happening we could see Kamala again in many of the upcoming Marvel series.

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