Gigi Hadid Slays in a Sheer, Ab-Baring Black Cardigan and Jeans at the Height of Summer

Gigi Hadid has shown that you don’t have to put up your black knits and jeans for the sweltering summer months if you’re one of those folks.

The model was spotted in New York City’s NoHo neighborhood strolling around in a transparent black cardigan and a pair of loose-fitting straight-leg grey jeans. A pair of grey Converse, a bold choker necklace, and oval-shaped black sunglasses completed her casual ensemble.

Yes, the Gigi skater girl period still exists. Her outfit of a vibrant knit crop top, a soft bucket hat, a loose pair of tattered Danielle Guizio denim, and the aforementioned Converse caught attention just two days before in New York City.

Gigi Hadid, who has walked the runways for the top fashion houses since she was just two years old, may use paparazzi images to promote her new knitwear brand, Guest in Residence, by using them as moving billboards.

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Here you can check out some of Gigi Hadid’s Recent Posts

In an Instagram post on August 4, Hadid gave followers a sneak peek at her most recent business endeavor. She captioned the images, which show Hadid poring over heaps of cozier-looking knitwear and color swatches, “Been working on something…. with love, @guestinresidence :).” Of course, the board is covered with a lot of black swatches.

Many of Hadid’s 75.1 million fans, including her well-known acquaintances, are eager to acquire some of her unique works. Hailey Bieber said, “So psyched about this,” and Laura Brown referred to Hadid as “The Mayor of Snuggletown.”

The Guest in Residence Instagram account hasn’t posted anything as of August 4, and the bio only says “KNITTERS” with a link to a sparsely detailed website. There is currently simply a logo and a newsletter subscription option.

For those who are unaware, Gigi Hadid just revealed she is developing her own clothing brand. Her followers are eagerly anticipating the launch.

The 27-year-old supermodel previewed her next business and announced the name of her knitwear brand on Instagram, Guest in Residence.

Hadid has made several forays into the field of fashion design recently. She also disclosed in April that she will collaborate on a bikini line with Francesca Aiello, a childhood friend and the creator of Frankies Bikinis.

The two drew inspiration for the bikini line from their shared youth in Malibu, California, as well as the model’s mother’s new house in a remote area of Pennsylvania.

Hadid stated in a press statement unveiling the line, “We put a lot of love into creating this collection, and I think it shows in all the little touches. Frank and I are both enormous homebodies who yet lead extremely sociable lives, and the collection truly captures that part of us.”

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