Vivo X Note: The best Choice in 2022?

Vivo X Note: Everything We Know so Far

Vivo X Note

Vivo X Note: Since the mobile phone entered the era of full screen, the phone’s size has been steadily increasing, and as the screen becomes larger and larger, the size is no longer a distinguishing feature. There aren’t many options for something new on screen size these days.

Except for one or two super-sized cups on the market, the only way to get a larger screen is to use an inconvenient solution like a folding screen or a tablet. And now that the Vivo X Note has arrived, we can say, “it’s here.”

Vivo X Note: Price

Vivo X Note is a new smartphone from Vivo; the X Note costs USD 999 in the United States.


The Vivo X Note has a punch-hole on the center top screen. The screen is slightly curved on both sides, and the bezels are thin. The rear camera module is horizontally distributed across the top back panel. Inside the camera module, there is also a circular design that houses four camera sensors.

However, if you use your phone with both hands daily, the extra wide screen will not affect you. Vivo also understands that the body is too wide, so the lines on both sides of the back panel are intended to make you appear narrower. Perhaps because I own a Mi 11 Ultra, I find the camera module’s design tolerable.


The Vivo X Note features four cameras on the back. It has a 50MP primary camera with PDAF, Laser AF, and OIS capabilities. An 8MP periscope lens supports the primary camera with PDAF, OIS, and 5x optical zoom.

A 12MP telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom and a 48MP ultra-wide lens round out the four rear cameras. In addition, it has a 16MP front camera for selfies and video calls.

While the Mi 11 Ultra will be sharper, there’s no denying that the X Note’s more vibrant colors and superior dynamic range produce photos that you’ll fall in love with at first sight. The white balance is more accurate than on the Mi 11 Ultra. And both the main camera and the ultra-wide camera deliver the same results.

Battery Life

The 5000mAh battery is quite small for a 7-inch device. Therefore, the battery life of the X Note is rather average. Perhaps the massive QWHD+ screen consumes so much power that it doesn’t last as long as other phones.

The Vivo X Note is powered by a 5,000mAh battery that supports 80W fast charging. This device can be charged from 0 to 100% in about 32 minutes.

Other charging options include 50W fast wireless charging and 10W reverse wireless charging. The battery of the Vivo X Note can easily last a day, depending on usage. Furthermore, the ability of the screen to auto-refresh between 0 and 120Hz saves the battery in various ways.



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