Julia Garner Revealed She is “Afraid to Die” Discussing the Changes Ruth Underwent During the “Ozark” Finale

In a recent interview with Queue, the actress Julia Garner discusses Ruth and the dramatic transformations that she through towards the conclusion of the gripping narrative. She also discusses the impact that Ruth had on her family.

Julia Garner

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Julia Garner’s tremendous contributions to television and network shows have made her a household name in the business. Although she has been in at least sixteen well-watched American television programs, the Netflix sensation Ozark is where the actress really made a name for herself.

Ruth Langmore, the series’s most aggressive and irresponsible character played by Garner, deserves all praise and acclaim. The actress discusses Ruth and the significant transformations she underwent near the climax of the gripping drama in a recent interview with Queue.

In response to Krista Smith’s queries, the actress remarked that she constantly meditates and tries to think of insightful questions to ask herself before preparing a script to inhabit her part fully.

Garner claims that Ruth “was frightened to die,” which is a startling contradiction given that this has never been true of her character. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she suspected that her character would need to get rid of certain items before the season finale.

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What more Julia Garner Shared About Her Character Ruth Langmore?


When the showrunner, Chris Mundy, called, she immediately realized it was the end since she was thinking about Ruth and how her story would conclude. When questioned about Ruth’s tragic but expected death in the Ozarks, Garner said, “It was Greek Tragedy.

She was desperate to leave that location. Ruth wasn’t necessarily aware that she would pass away. I believe she was aware that she would not get old.

The fourth season of Ozark is mostly concerned with Ruth, the main character, and Byrdes’ eventual separation from the Cartel. The story gradually moves toward Ruth Langmore striving frantically to live a regular, respectable life after she has exacted revenge on her cousin Wyatt Langmore’s murder.

She begins making peace with her damaged past and dreams of becoming a rich landowner down in the lakes of Ozark since she has nothing left to lose and everything to gain.

Things, however, take a horrible turn when Javi’s mother, Camilla, who is the current boss of the Mexican Drug Cartel, finds out who murdered her son. After being chased all the way to her house, Ruth is ultimately put to death by gunshot.

Her gospel performances moved our hearts and souls for the whole of the show, and as a consequence, we all went through a range of intense emotions. However, even in the last encounter with death, our queen stayed true to herself right up to the very end, demonstrating the real fury that was inherent in her personality.

There are a lot of shows on Netflix that get their start and then fizzle out over the years, but THIS franchise will be remembered for a very long time. Ozark has made a reputation for itself in the television business as a riveting thriller series that investigates the more sinister themes of crime and mayhem. As a result, the show has irrevocably altered the way television is seen.

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