Doja Cat Proves She Can Pull off Any Style

During an Instagram Live broadcast, Doja Cat totally shaved her head, including her eyebrows, and said that she "doesn't enjoy having hair."

Doja Cat

During a live Instagram broadcast earlier this week, American artist and rapper Doja Cat surprised her fans and followers by revealing her new appearance, which consisted of a newly shaven head.

The artist of the song “Best Friend” told the audience that she had never felt comfortable wearing wigs or having her hair be longer than it was. “I have this nagging feeling that I was never intended to have hair, to begin with. And, I don’t enjoy having hair.

“Having hair was never something I enjoyed,” she said on her live stream. “I just can’t believe it took me this long to tell you to shave your head,” she said. “I simply can’t believe it.” My hair has only been out in two distinct phases in my life. Currently, I don’t wear it out. If you’re not going to style it, what’s the point of having hair in the first place?

After that, she finished off the look in front of the camera by bringing out a safety razor and meticulously removing her eyebrow hair. The Grammy Award winner, who is 26 years old, was admiring herself in a pink hand mirror when she saw a beauty mark that had previously been concealed by her hair. She pointed out the newly found beauty mark.

Those who are slightly more commitment phobic can instead follow the lead of the Hadid sisters, who were among the models who debuted otherworldly bleached brows for Versace’s F/W22 Milan Fashion Week runway.

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Doja Cat’s on-camera makeover is a major move, but those who are slightly less commitment-phobic can instead follow the lead of the Hadid sisters. At their respective presentations, Burberry, Givenchy, and Preen by Thornton Bregazzi all showcased outfits that were conceptually comparable to one another.

Bleaching your brows is surprisingly easy and with minimal risk, with bleached hairs being readily re-dyed back to their natural shade. Although Gigi and Bella’s nearly alien appearance is a striking shift, bleaching your brows is straightforward. According to the brow professionals at Brau, a brow and lash boutique salon located in Dubai, those who are interested in making a less dramatic change have the option of instead lightening their brows.

Carla Beggs and Caroline Mills, co-owners of Brau, explain that their salon provides a brow-lightening procedure that makes use of a mild bleaching agent. The brow hairs are lightened by three to four shades with this technique, leaving them noticeably lighter overall.

They add that when the moisture has been sealed in, they use a moisturizing brow gel to keep the hairs in place and keep the brows looking neat. It is essential to continue to condition the brows with a moisturizing brow serum once the treatment has been completed.

Either the customer may wait for their new brow hair to grow out, which is a straightforward process that can return the brows to their deeper original color, or the re-tinting process can be done quickly.

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