Rihanna is Anxious over A$AP Rocky’s Court Hearing

Rihanna is anxious related to deadly weapon charge that is on A$AP Rocky as the hearing is some days away!


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A few months back A$AP Rocky was arrested for having deadly weapons and Rihanna is quite worried about him due to his court hearing. and d We have seen a lot of celebrities getting anxious and feeling frustrated related to certain things.

Whether it is related to their personal life or professional life, sometimes keeping things in control always gets out of it.

Whether it is related to losing control over a certain area of life or it is related to feeling anxious about some other things, everything carries news. Something like this happened with Rihanna who felt quite anxious related to her boyfriend A$AP Rocky.

Rihanna felt quite anxious related to the hearing of A$AP Rocky for a deadly weapons charge. The rapper will have to face a court hearing related to the shooting that happened in November 2021. The singer is maintaining her calm at her best but when it comes to her boyfriend then things went out of control sometimes.

The 33-year-old rapper got arrested on 20 April in Los Angeles related to him getting charged with the assault of a deadly weapon. As a result of all these things, the hearing is going to happen on 17 August upon these allegations. If things would not be going in his favor then he might be facing Jail for 14 years.

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Rihanna is hoping that everything ends with a positive response


Due to all these reasons, the 34-year-old singer, Rihanna is feeling quite unwell. She is doing her best to keep calm about the hearing but it is becoming quite difficult for her. If any would have been in place of her then the situation must have gone with a lot of stress.

The couple welcomed their first baby, which is a boy, in May 2022. And that is the reason why Rihanna doesn’t consider the possibility related to the father of her son getting arrested. She cannot imagine life without a father for her son and also for herself. She never wanted a new life like this and that is the reason why she is getting stressed.

Rihanna is wishing that the whole thing will get over soon with a positive response from the court. According to the source of HollywoodLife: “She feels like their son needs his father to be present in his life and isn’t ready to imagine what their future potentially looks like at this point if Rocky has to go away.

She’s doing her best to stay strong for herself and Rocky, and just wants the best for her baby. She’ll stand by Rocky throughout this ordeal and is hoping things turn out for the best.”

This is not the first time when A$AP Rocky is facing any charges. He was arrested without bail in July 2019. But when it comes to the current situation, Rihana is quite hopeful and thinks that everything will get resolved very quickly. A$AP Rocky has also assured us that everything is going to work in their favor and there is no need to get stressed.

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