Moon Knight Season 2 Production started at Cairo teased by Oscar Isaac

Moon Knight Season 2 has been renewed by Oscar Isaac and the director Mohamed Diab in a latest video

Moon Knight Season 2

Marvel Studios

Moon Knight Season 2 is one of the most-awaited series of Marvel on Disney Plus, Which shooting has been started by Mohamed Diab the director, and Oscar Isaac who plays the character in the show.

Oscar Isaac’s portrayal of Moon Knight and the direction of Mohamed Diab really created a masterpiece on Disney a few months back and the duo has almost confirmed Season 2 now.

In a Recent video of TikToker Hayaattiaa, we can see the director and Mohamed Diab when the social media influencer asked Diab about Season 2 of the show he said “Why else would we be in Cairo?”.

The statement may have several meanings but if Oscar Isaac and Diab are in Cairo means the shooting of Moon Knight Season 2 has started there and we can get it the next year. Fans are really very excited after the video flash out on the social media platform and many fans have tweeted their reactions in  very amazing ways:

Here are few reactions of the fans on Twitter:

What can happen in Moon Knight Season 2?

As we all know Season 1 of the show ended with Mark Spector and Stephen Grant being freed from Khonshu and the introduction of the third personality Jake Lockley the car driver. And the Moon Knight Season 2 will revolve around Jake Lockley’s identity and Mark Spector’s vigilante Moon Knight the Superhero who will save people from now.

May Calamawy will be back with her role Layla El-Faouly and as we all know she has a new identity name called ‘Scarlet Scarab‘, so she will join Stephen and Mark Spector and fight against crime and Arthur Harrow.

Marvel Studios

There is a lot to happen in Moon Knight’s character arc and the third and most violent personality of Mark Spector has been introduced in the last scene of Moon Knight Season 1, and the story of Season 2 will link all the blackouts of Stephen and Mark when there were confused who had killed all the people in Egypt and in the road chase scene.

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Will Khonshu return in Season 2?

Yes, Certainly Khonshu will return in Moon Knight Season 2 as in the comics book also Khonshu was always a part of Mark and Stephen’s life. He will be back but now the dynamics of their relationships may be changed.

Release Date

There is not any confirmed release date for the upcoming season, But if the shooting has been stated then maybe we get season 2 in MCU Phase 5 next year in 2023. At the D23 event, marvel could announce season 2 officially and we may get the first look also.

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