Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone spotted having dinner In New York

Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone took some time from their busy schedule and met for a dinner in NYC.

Jennifer Lawrence


In case you were curious, the enviable relationship that Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone have is still growing strong. The Chinese restaurant Hwa Yuan Szechuan in New York City uploaded a snapshot of the couple on their Instagram account on July 31 after they dined at the establishment.

In the picture, Lawrence wore a striped button-down shirt over a black T-shirt with jeans and a square crocodile-skin handbag (though it may be a vegan look-alike), while Stone went for an all-black attire.

The bag that Lawrence carried may have been a vegan look-alike. Both ladies exuded laid-back vibes with their hair pulled back and wearing just a little coating of makeup.


The restaurant’s social media manager stated in the photo’s caption: “Hwa Yuan was happy to welcome Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence for dinner.” “Chef Tang and his family are huge fans of them, and we are thrilled they like our restaurant and the cuisine we provide. We hope you had a good time, Emma and Jennifer, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

You can check some of the Pictures of Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone here.


Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone have been quite vocal about their relationship for several years, discussing it in several joint interviews and appearing in public on several occasions. However, in recent years both performers have become much more private due to their respective marriages and the births of their children.

Lawrence and Stone discussed the unusual circumstances surrounding their first encounter in a video interview conducted for W magazine in 2018. They said that the two of them were introduced to one another by a third party who claimed to be a “stalker.”

“The person that followed us around was the same. John, sometimes known as the Orchestra Guy, was his name. At the time, Lawrence remarked that he would “accidentally” text the two of us.

Stone was keen to point out that he was not “truly” a stalker. “He was this person who had a lot of people’s numbers,” she said. “He was this man who had a lot of people’s numbers.” “I’m guessing he worked in a recording studio, or maybe he was an assistant to an agency or something. I received a text message from him that stated, “Hey, Alex—making up a name.” On my way to the soundstage, I’ve been running behind schedule.

Could you have the orchestra ready for me, please? Check to see that the orchestra is properly warmed up for me.’ It was never about anybody else except the orchestra. “Could you please send me a text message to let me know that you have received this? John.'”

Stone and Lawrence claim that they had been friends for almost one year when they decided to finally meet in person after communicating only via text for much of that period. Lawrence said, “We had been messaging each other daily for a whole year, but we had never spoken on the phone, and we had never met.”

“Then we were finally going to meet, and she told me her location, and I’m driving there, and as I’m driving over, I’m thinking, ‘Oh my God, what if this is John the Orchestra Guy?’

“When I was traveling to her location, she thought: “Oh my God, what if this is John the Orchestra Guy?” After that, I called you, and both of us said, “Hello?” That was the very first thing that both of us had in common. Aren’t we all familiar with such a situation?

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