Carter Netflix Action Saga Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything we know so far

Carter 2022 - Cast, Plot, Release Date, Trailer and more things to discover.



The Netflix South Korean Action Thriller Carter is ready to make your heart skip a beat with mind-blowing action scenes. It revolves around a man who lost his past life memories at the same time he needs to go on a dangerous mission. Now how he handles both these situations simultaneously this is what the track is all about.

Release Date of Carter:

The movie is scheduled to release on 5 August 2022. It will be premiered on the streaming giant Netflix.

The cast of the Movie:


The South-Korean Action-Adventure will be featuring:

Joo Won will be playing Agent Carter(The Protagonist)
Lee Sung-jae will be playing Kim Jong-hyuk
Jeong So-ri
Kim Bo-min will be playing Jung Ha-na
Jung Jae-young will be playing Dr. Jung Byung-ho
Jung Hae-kyun
Trailer Analysis:

Netflix dropped the trailer on 17 July 2022 for this thrilling action-packed movie. Looking at the trailer it seems like it is a mind-boggling nonstop, one-take film. Suddenly thrown into a mysterious and unknown mission, Carter needs to fulfill the dual motive at the same time.

Also, he needs to complete the mission on time and then move towards North to save a girl. After 2 months of a deadly pandemic having devastating effects on North Korea and the U.S.A, the protagonist wakes up from sleep with no idea about his past.

Here is the link to the trailer of the movie:

Synopsis of the Movie:

In the head of the lead, the actor placed a suspicious device, and in his mouth a deadly bomb. To his amazement, a strange and unheard voice gives him a command. He is on the mission to find a girl who is the sole antidote to the prevailing virus. The bomb inside him may blast at any time. All in all, he is rounded by dangers and trouble.

Additionally, The CIA Agency and North Korean Authorities are also behind him to not let him succeed. In the presence of all the hardships, it will be interesting to see how Carter will accomplish his goal.

At the same time, it will be notable to see how their memory of Carter retrieves amidst of all the hustle happening in his life. The film has a lot to be uncovered during the course. This South Korean Drama is a must-watch for action-thriller lovers all around. The picturization of the movie is done in a way that will attract the viewers to watch it.

Run Time:


The Run Time of the South Korean Action Series is 2 hours and 12 Minutes

The movie is directed by Jeong Byeong-Gil

Overall having a look at the trailer and bits about the movie it is not unjustified to say that it is Worth Watching!!! So spare your time to watch this Masterpiece on 5 August 2022. Hope you will not regret the suggestion of watching it:) Add this to your watchlist for the month of August and sit on the day with snacks and cold drinks to enjoy it!!

After the separation of BTS Army, this South Korean piece is ready to entertain you all

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