Kanye West Was Seen Cheering Up North West With Chicago And Dream!

Kanye West was seen with his 4 year old Chicago and niece Dream to cheer up North West for her game!

Kanye West

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Kanye West was spotted Cheering up North West for her Basket Ball Game. It is very obvious to see celebrities enjoying their perfect time with their children.

Sometimes it is related to some games or other times it is related to attending any events with their kids. And if it is related to celebrating and cheering up children for their talent then our celebrities know how to do it.

And that is the reason why it is not just them but also their children who also like to cheer up their siblings. Something like this was seen with Kanye West who was seen cheering up his daughter North West with Chicago and Dream.

Kanye West is definitely a perfect father anyone wants in their life. He was recently seen in a basketball game where he had a great time with his children. He went with his four-year-old daughter whose name is Chicago as well as his niece Dream. They went to cheer North who is 9 years old and was playing basketball.

Coming to the overall look of Kanye West then he was wearing all black. He was seen wearing a black sweatshirt with black pants and also having black headphones. He was seen in heavy boots and on the other hand, his daughter Chicago was wearing a purple top with matching shorts.

Kim Kardashian was also there supporting North West with Kanye West


The four-year-old Chicago was rocking her luck in white sneakers and two burns on her head. Coming to Dream then she was seen wearing a black outfit with white sneakers as her hair was tied up in a ponytail.

This latest outing of Kanye West with Chicago and Dream came when Kim Kardashian decided to co-parent her children. It happened when Davidson was out of the country for almost 3 weeks and Kim Kardashian went to Australia to see him.

So that is the reason why Kanye West is right now living with his kids in Malibu and trying to cheer them up. According to a source: “He has been over to Kim’s house on multiple occasions for dinner with the kids and he feels comfortable coming over to her place because Pete is not there.”

Coming to the relationship between Kanye West and Pete Davidson then it is quite ok now despite all the drama that happened months ago. They don’t have any kind of grudge against themselves and just want to focus on their work and life.

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