I Just Killed My Dad Release Date on Netflix – Cast and Plot Info

All the details regarding the true crime documentary series which will be airing soon in the month of August

I Just Killed My Dad

I Just Killed My Dad Documentary trailer has been released, Here we have a few Information about the documentary. We can suggest the genre of the series just by looking at the title of the series, this is a crime drama series which is actually a true documentary in the crime genre, where the story actually revolves around the man and his mental state just before he shot his dad and how he’s going to live after that after he murdered his dad and how will be his life after all.

The name of the man is Anthony Templet, he’s the person who shot his dad and also he told the truth that he did it never denied it but the reason behind he killed his father is really very complicated and there are several profound implications for it.

How is he before the 3rd of June 2019 and what is his journey after that how emotional and mental it is linked with the story will be all about his psyche behavior and how he is strong mentally and how he’s weak mentally?

“Girl In The Picture” is also a crime documentary series which is by director Skye Borgman who is also the director for this series, the series “Girl In The Picture” can be accessible on Netflix anytime.

The Trailer Of The Series “I Just Killed My Dad”, What Does It Say?

When the trailer opens then we have a question in the brain our people who are watching the trailer will have a question in their brains like whether Anthony has empathy, while we find he is narrating this story he says that he does everything in self-defense of his father and accidentally killed him and he doesn’t feel anything wrong even if he did it.

Anthony’s father, Burt, is a different kind of person who is dominated and has the nature of controlling other individuals and he made Anthony’s life hell it really by his dominating behavior.

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In this crime drama documentary, we will get to know what is mental state of Anthony and the distance how he takes and what has happened next after he killed his father.

When Is This “I Just Killed My Dad” The Crime Drama Documentary Releasing?

This true crime drama documentary series will be released on the 9th of August 2022 and we have to know who is wrong and cool right just watching the trailer with a nerd conclude that Anthony’s father was a culprit after watching the series entirely we just have to make the conclusion who is right and who is wrong.

As there are no famous persons in the series not like the well-known people we just have only one person Anthony Templet.

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