Crystal Claimed Her Husband Ne-Yo Is Cheating On Her For Years!

The wife of Ne-Yo, Crystal came forward and confessed her 8 years of relationship status with her husband, saying she is "disgusted"!


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Crystal revealed in a recent interview that her husband Ne-Yo has been cheating on her for years. Cheating is one of the worst things that anyone can do to their partner. We have seen a lot of celebrities involved in such things and it has affected their current relationship status.

Whether it is their marriage or being in a healthy relationship, cheating in relation can change everyone’s lives who are involved in it as well as who are not. Something like this was seen with the singer Ne-Yo and his wife Crystal.

We have known that things between these two celebrities were not going well from the time. It was on 30 July and the day was Saturday when Crystal came forward on social media and slammed her husband for cheating. She went public and accused him of cheating on her for years.

What more does Crystal say about Husband Ne-Yo?

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Crystal has written: “8 years. 8 years of lies and deception. 8 years of unknowingly sharing my life and my husband with numerous women who sell their bodies to him unprotected…every last one of them”

She has also said that she is heartbroken as well as disgusted about this thing and it is an understatement. She has also said that how 42-year-old singer and her husband Ne-Yo have told her to stay in this relationship even after knowing all these things.

She called him a mentality of narcissus and that is the reason why she has decided not to lie to the public and pretend that everything is fine in their relationship.

At last, she said that she is choosing herself and her happiness along with her health. She also confessed that she has gained three beautiful children in this relationship and nothing else than a headache and wasting of years.

She also asked and requested her fans and followers to stop sending her videos related to Ne-Yo with some other women. She also requested the fans not to inform her related to cheating on her, because it is no longer her concern. She denied herself being a victim and that is the reason why she is choosing to stand tall with her head high.

She has also added that she can’t love the way he deserves and it is totally up to oneself whether they want to love themselves or not. At last, the mother of three said that she has not any kind of hate towards him and wished him the best in his life.

Crystal and Ne-Yo got married in 2016 and have three kids. They got separated in 2020 but after sometimes they came back together with second marriage with each other. Coming to the response the singer then he has yet not respond about these things.

When it comes to the reaction of people then they are being very sympathetic toward Crystal and wish her all the best in her life and also all kinds of happiness and health.

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