Will Smith Apologized For His Mistake In Oscars 2022 To Chris Rock, Fans, Family, And Oscars!

Will Smith apologized officially and answered all the questions of fans in a five minute video!

Will Smith

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Is Will Smith really sorry for what he did to Chris Rock at Oscar 2022? It is always said that it can never be too late to apologize for the things that one has committed. Whether it is related to any common person or celebrity, a mistake has and should always end with an apology.

It doesn’t matter if the mistake is done consciously or unconsciously, one should come forward by keeping all the ego and attitude aside and going for a public apology. Something like this was seen with the actor Will Smith who again apologize officially to his fans and Chris Rock.

It was on 29 July 2022 when Will Smith released an official apology through a video. The apology was related to the thing he has done at Oscar 2022 with the comedian Chris Rock. Talking about the video then in the video he was seen answering some of the questions that have been as frequently asked by the fans and other people.

Answering the first question that was, why Will Smith has not apologized to Chris Rock in his acceptance speech.

Giving a perfect answer, he said that he was taken by the moment and it was all fuzzy. He also said that he tried to reach out to Chris Rock but in reply, the comedian said he is still not ready to talk. So that is the reason why Will Smith again came forward and apologized to Chris Rock and his family.

What more Will Smith says about his actions at Oscar 2022?

Reflecting on his thought more in the video, the actor of King Richard said: “This is probably irreplaceable. I spent the last 3 months replaying and understanding the nuances and complexities of what happened at that moment and I will not unpack all that right now.

I can say that there is no part of me that thinks that was the right way to behave at that moment. There is no part of me that thinks that that is the optimal way to handle a feeling of disrespect or insults”

He has also apologized to his wife and kids whom he has disappointed and also to the fans. He has also apologized to his fellow nominees and the community who has selected him as the Best Actor in the Oscars 2022. The actor has also said that sorry is not a sufficient word to describe his feeling and also the things he had done.

Coming up more open, Will Smith also said that disappointing people is his Central trauma and he hates when he let people down. He also said that it hurt him psychologically and also emotionally. Calling himself a human as he made mistake, he is trying hard not to think of himself as peaceful of sh*t.

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