Keep Breathing Recap and Ending Explained

Keep Breathing Recap and Ending Explained, know all about it before watching.

Keep Breathing


The Netflix original survival drama Keep Breathing stars, Melissa Barrera, as Liv, who must battle tooth and nail to survive after being abandoned in the Canadian wilderness following an aircraft crash.

Liv tries her best to survive by using her inherent resourcefulness, but it is not without difficulties. She struggles to build a fire, there isn’t much food, and being lost in the woods without a map may be disastrous. 

The six-episode limited series follows Liv as she struggles to live with each passing day while also flashing back to her life before the crash and even her early years to understand how she came to be in this predicament, which forces her to face many inner demons. 

Keep Breathing’s conclusion, which splits into two realities—one in the present and one, it seems, in the future—follows the pattern of the show but leaves some room for interpretation.

Liv is undoubtedly hurt after fleeing from the subterranean cavern and then plunging to her death. She makes the journey to the bank of a river flowing in the opposite direction. She plunges into the sea and floats away.

Keep Breathing Ending

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Fortunately for Liv, two neighboring fishermen come to her aid. She awakens up when they bring her to shore and coughs up the water a little while later. 

As the show breaks away from the rescue scenario, Liv gives birth to her child in a hospital with Danny (Jeff Wilbusch) by her side.

We can assume that the series gives us a glimpse of Liv’s future because motherhood frequently appears in it. I think Keep Breathing is happier and more optimistic than that, while it’s possible that Liv’s hospital scenario is nothing more than a hope or a dream. I thought this was Liv’s genuine conclusion, as she finally gets out of this terrible situation. 

We don’t see Liv and her mother reuniting. When Liv sees her in the tunnel, that is the only “scene” they have together. Whether Liv would have been able to meet up with her in Invik, however, is never revealed. It appears that would be for the best. 

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