Best Shows On HBO Max To Binge Watch Right Now!

HBO Max has a wide selection of television shows to choose from. From enduring HBO favourites to must-see comedy from the 1990s and international programming.

Best Shows On HBO Max

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Here is the list of Best Shows On HBO Max you can Binge watch. HBO Max has a wide selection of television shows to choose from. From enduring HBO favorites to must-see comedy from the 1990s and international programming.

The top shows presently streaming on HBO Max are listed here, with a focus on HBO original series, which have helped the network win several Emmy Awards throughout its history.

And things will only get better from here because there are many more beloved classic programs that will ultimately be added to the service, along with a number of intriguing original series that, fingers crossed, will be completed in time to be included in this list.

Therefore, keep on reading to find out more regarding the “Best Shows on HBO Max.”

Tokyo Vice

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Jake Adelstein’s novel of the same name, which was published in 2009, serves as the inspiration for the crime drama series Tokyo Vice. The narrative of the show centers on American journalist Jake Adelstein, who moved to Tokyo and must now pass a written Japanese exam in order to be hired by a big Japanese newspaper.

Jake succeeds and breaks ground as the first journalist born abroad. But he starts to grasp the gloomy nature of the Japanese Yakuza when he starts working for a senior investigator in the vice unit. The program is a must-see for fans of crime drama television.

The Staircase

The Independent

A documentary television miniseries that focuses on Michael Peterson, a writer who was found guilty of killing his wife Kathleen Peterson, who was discovered dead at the bottom of the stairs of their home.

The story is shown through the lens of the documentary. The investigation into the matter, which pits the family against the state in court, has been covered by the show. The characters in the series have been flawless in their roles, and it is a highly captivating series. Fans of criminal dramas must watch this.

The Gilded Age

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The Gilded Age is a historical drama series that takes place in the United States in the 1880s in New York City during the Gilded Age.

The story revolves around a young woman who enters the rigid social dynamic of New York City in 1882 and is drawn into the conflicts surrounding the Russell family and the Rhijn-Brook family, as well as those faced by the upper and upper-middle classes, the Black upper class, and the domestic workers who cater to all of their needs.

If you enjoy historical dramas, tea parties, fancy balls, and backstabbing lady’s maids, you should watch this program.



Two star-crossed lovers and a hilarious comedy show are the subjects of this show. The show centers on the lives of a lady in her 20s who works as a nanny and a cinema usher in London.

After a one-night stand on New Year’s Eve, she discovers that she had slept with a well-known actor, turning her entire world upside down.

Throughout the first season, the tale manages to make us feel warm and fuzzy while adhering to the idea of a traditional rom-com (Yes, it has already been renewed for another season).

The Flight Attendant


On HBO Max, this is among the top shows. The Flight Attendant is a dark comedy-drama mystery series that centers on flight attendant Cassie Bowden, an irresponsible alcoholic who engages in s*xual activity with her passengers while drinking during flights.

A passenger’s dead body is discovered next to her when she awakens in a hotel room one day with a hangover.

She joins the police investigation in an effort to identify the potential killer. If you enjoy mysteries and thrillers, the limited series ought to be at the top of your list of things to watch all at once.

The Rehearsal

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One of today’s smartest and most creative comedians is Nathan Fielder. The Rehearsal, while it has a different concept than the comedy docuseries Nathan for You, maintains a similar atmosphere.

In contrast to the former, which benefited corporations, The Rehearsal benefits individuals since Fielder allows viewers to practice awkward social situations and anything else that might go wrong.

The Rehearsal, one of the finest new shows of 2022, is clever, original, and just funny. It has a fresh rating of 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Mind Over Murder


Mind Over Murder, which tells the tale of six persons who were found guilty of murder in 1985, is certain to captivate fans of amazing true crime.

Even while it initially seems like a simple case, things became more complicated when, in 2009, DNA evidence cleared them.

The renowned documentary filmmaker Nanfu Wang, known for works like Hooligan Sparrow and One Child Nation, presents an astonishing tale of faulty memory, flawed legal systems, and a rattled small town with skill.

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