Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Were Seen Together For The First Time After Marriage!

The couple Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck were spotted in Paris on a romantic dinner date with their daughter Violet. After marriage, things change a lot in the life of people.

Sometimes it is related to the personality while other times it is related to the appearance of life as a whole. The same happens with our celebrities who recently got married and can feel their marriage as one of the best decisions in their life.

And that is the reason why they always try to maintain that same Romance even after the marriage when they appear for the first time. Something like this was seen with Jennifer Lopez and her husband Ben Affleck.

We have spotted Jennifer Lopez two times after her marriage but when it comes to them spotting together then it was the first time when they both came after the wedding. They both were spotted at a restaurant and were enjoying their evening. It was on 21 July 2022 when the couple was having dinner with their children.

The teenage daughter of Jennifer Lopez named Emme, who is 14, appeared in the back seat of the car. When it comes to 16-year-old Violet then she was wearing a face mask and the 13-year-old Seraphina was also there. It was not clear whether Max and Samuel were there or not.

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck on a Dinner Date in Paris

Jennifer Lopez

According to the witness, the couple was together with their children in Paris and they stayed in the restaurant for almost 2 hours. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have also spent some time at the terrace of the restaurant and have the company of four bodyguards.

Jennifer Lopez was looking very beautiful in her flawless red dress with v cut neckline. She was wearing a red long gown which was appropriate for a summer vibe. Her hair was highlighted and tied up in a bun.

It was not clear whether they would celebrate their marriage or just have a proper dinner with their children.

Some called it the early phase of a honeymoon while others called it a great vacation with family. The couple got married on 16 June 2022 in a very personal and private ceremony. There was only the presence of family members and friends with their kids.

Jennifer Lopez called it a dream that came true and finally they made it. They were also there with four other couples that were admired by Jennifer Lopez. The pair got engaged in April 2022 and finally decided to settle everything together.

They are very happy too as they have got finally married. It came as a shock for a lot of people and that is the reason why Jennifer Lopez kept it very personal because she never wanted the interference of the media.

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