Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Got Married In A Private Ceremony!

Nothing could sound more beautiful than the marriage between a couple like Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez. The same is the case with some celebrities who recently married and were in love with each other for a long time.

But when it comes to their wedding then it gives fans a little smile and at the same time makes them feel very wonderful. Something like this happened as the most loved couple in Hollywood finally got married. It is none other than Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

The couple, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married in a secret celebration. The singer has revealed all the details of her wedding in her newsletter called On The JLo. She said that they got married on 16 July in Las Vegas and it was very beautiful for them.

The singer said that they are together in love as love is beautiful. She also said that Love is kind and has turned them in a very patient way. As we know that the couple was dating for the second time. At first, they dated in the starting years of the 2000s and dated for almost 2 years. After the separation happened, they got reunited again in 2021. So to refer to all these things, the singer said that it was 20 years of patience that were with both the actors.

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez made it official on the 16th of July

Ben Affleck
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The singer has further added that they together went to Las Vegas and stood in a line for a marriage license. She said that the other four couples were also making their journey to the wedding. The singer added:

“Behind us, two men held hands and held each other. In front of us, a young couple who made the three-hour drive from Victorville on their daughter’s second birthday—all of us wanting the same thing— for the world to recognize us as partners and to declare our love to the world through the ancient and nearly universal symbol of marriage.”

Before the wedding, Jennifer Lopez made it official when they went for a license on July 16. Through this license, Jennifer Lopez is taking the last name of Ben Affleck and would be now considered, Jennifer Affleck.

The love story between the couple are going on for ages since they started dating in 2002. The couple went public in 2003 but after some years they separated. They together came and again made news headlines in 2021.

And it was in the early months of 2022 when Jennifer Lopez got engaged to Ben Affleck and revealed it in her newsletter. Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a green diamond ring, which has a lot of significance and symbolism. The ring was worth $5 million and is in her favorite color of Jennifer Lopez.

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