Intimacy Release Date, Cast, Plot, of Spanish Drama on Netflix

A powerful and thrilling Spanish drama-series Intimacy, it is releasing soon on Netflix and we have got some details for you.


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A far-reaching drama series, “Intimacy” is about to release on Netflix. It is a Spanish series that will release this June. The plot line of the series is given as – A compromising s*xual video featuring a promising politician, it depicts the lives of four women forced to walk the line between public and private life.

Addressing issues that are openly not discussed, is a must-watch as it gives insights on topics such as s*x scandals and privacy violations.

Overview: Directors, Producers, Cast, and More

“Intimacy” is a Spanish-language series, written by Veronica Fernandez and Laura Sarmiento. Veronica is an admired Hollywood actress while Laura is popularly known for her writings in Sounds Like Love and The Zone. Further, the show is directed by Ben Gutteridge, Jorge Torregrossa, Marta Font, and Koldo Almandoz. The many episodes have been directed by them individually.

The streaming partner of this series is Netflix and it has been produced by the production company Txintxua Films. The shooting for this show is said to have started last summer. The filming was done in the autonomous community of Spain named Basque Country.

Cast introduction and  the roles played by them


Similar to the plot of the series, the cast is powerful and amazing too. Through the trailer, we can surely have some sneak peeks into the lives of our characters. However, the release date isn’t too far, want to know it? Keep on reading as we display it in the next section.

Release date: season 1 of Intimacy


Known as “Intimidad” in Spanish, “Intimacy” addresses an issue that is often left unheard. Dealing with the case of violation of privacy is a must-watch for everyone out there. Often such cases are not complained or discussed about as it brings shame to the victim or his/her relatives. The cast of our show enacts such a scenario and gives us insights on how to courageously deal with something like this.

To premiere on Netflix, the release date of season 1 has been given as 10 June 2022. This season is expected to have 8 episodes. Will all of them release together or one at a time is still not confirmed, but stay updated with us as we will instantly let you know.

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