Urfi Javed Invites Trouble Again & This Time By Wearing A Bikini!

Urfi Javed, her strange dresses and trollers is a never-ending affair and it reaches higher and higher levels every time. Now, we all know that Urfi has quite a different fashion sense, possibly different than 99 percent of the population, her dresses are out of this world, and hardly would anyone prefer wearing them, but Urfi loves them and has become quite comfortable with them so it’s all good for her.

But the thing is that her dresses aren’t much appreciated by people on social media and not just on social media but in real life too, she has been in verbal banter in past earlier with fashion designer Farah Khan Ali and popular TV actress Kashmira Shah.

Urfi Javed: In A Hot Bikini Again  

The incident took place a few months back when both of them criticized Urfi’s way of dressing and referred to it as “vulgar”, well as much as we know Urfi, she is not the one to hold back so she gave a befitting reply to both of them and she even said that nobody knows who they are. After Ufri’s reply both Kashmira and Farah didn’t indulge in the matter further and refrained from any comments.

Urfi Javed

Just a few weeks back, Urfi came in front of the media wearing a dress made of polythene, and the interview her went viral she got a new name “polythene girl” by netizens, and now this time she has invited the trollers by posting a video on Instagram in which she was wearing a green bikini and doing some light moves in a garden-like always trollers bombarded the comment section with vulgar comments on her attire.

However, this is not the first time and certainly not the last as it seems that the BigBoss OTT fame has become used to all this, and on multiple occasions, she has even mentioned that she doesn’t care about her haters and trollers and doesn’t pay much attention to what people have to say about her. Well, we might not appreciate her dressing sense but her chill attitude towards life is surely something we can learn from her.

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