The Flight Attendant Season 2 All You Need to Know About the Upcoming 8 Episodes

The Flight Attendant Season 2 is making its way back to the HBO Max. The first season of the show premiered in the month of November 2020 and gained a massive response from its viewers. Following the craze of the series, the makers renewed it for a sequel in December 2020.

Season 1 of the show premiered on HBO Max on 26 November 2020. The season had a total of 8 episodes and the finale was released on 17, December the same year.

Leaving a lasting impact on its audience, the series although took some time, but is back with its season 2. The first two episodes of season 2 got aired on HBO Max on 21 April 2022 and the finale will be released in the next few days. Before the final episode, here are a few things that you must know about the series.

About the Cast, Direction, and Production of the Show

The Flight Attendant Season 2

Based on the novel named “The Flight Attendant” by Chris Bohjalian, the show is developed by Steve Yockey. Originally produced in the English language, the series has two seasons with 8 episodes each. A thriller dark-comedy, the series is in accordance with the following production companies

Yes, Norman Productions
Warner Bros Television
Berlanti Productions.

The show stars Kaley Cuoco as Cassandra. She is the lead of our series and is a reckless alcoholic. Further, it also casts Zosia Mamet, Griffins Matthews, T.R Knight, and more. All the individual stars of the show add limelight to each instance and make it worth watching.

What could happen in The Flight Attendant Season 2?

The Flight Attendant Season 2

Season 2 of the series began earlier this summer in April 2022. We have so far reached the 7th episode of the series and the 8th and the last episode will air on 26 May 2022.

So far, we see our lead Cassie starting afresh in Los Angeles with her new supportive boyfriend Marco. However, as troubles keep arising, she finds herself linked with an international murder mystery. Throughout these episodes, the other role-players try to help her and generate clues so as to prove her innocent.

But as well know, it’s not that easy. The 7th episode comes to an end with Cassie, Shane, Annie, and Max trying to search for clues but they aren’t as successful. All the clues that they end up finding point towards Cassie only.

Who saves her, and what clue saves her is still a mystery for the audience. But we are sure that the makers have something really thrilling lined up at the end. Don”t forget to watch episode 8 of “The Flight Attendant” on the 26th of May only on HBO Max.

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