Eiza Gonzalez Is Really Happy To Have A New Romance In Her Life

Eiza Gonzalez Update: Whenever any film or series gets decided then we look towards the coupling on screen. It is not just the relationship that they share after the shooting but also the relationship they share on the screen that matters to a lot of people.

And that is the reason why a lot of celebrities who are shooting for their new movies or series get surrounded by it. Something like this happens when Eiza Gonzalez came into the life of famous actor Jason Momoa and right now she sharing her love with him. According to some sources, the actress is really excited about the romance they are going to share in their relationship.

The 42-year-old actor Jason Momoa was already worked in a famous film called Aquaman and is rumored to be dating the actress Eiza Gonzalez who is 32 years old. According to some sources of HollywoodLife, the actress is recently moved to the East Coast and she is also traveling a lot for work.

Eiza Gonzalez Is Really Happy To Have A New Romance In Her Life

Eiza Gonzalez

And that is the reason why she is not getting a lot of time to spend with her new boyfriend Jason. Even though she is not spending as much time as she needed to spend but still, she is very excited to have a new romance in her life.

The same source said that she is very focused right now on her career. And that is the reason why she drives the lot for the work. She has worked really hard to reach this point in her life and that is the reason why she is going to sweep away a lot of things right now from her life.

But when it comes to her romance with Jason then she is not going to sweep it away but this relationship has brought her a spring.

Eiza Gonzalez is not just only one who is feeling these things. When Jason was separated from his ex-wife Lisa Bonnet who is 54 years old but before that, they tried very hard to work in this relationship due to children. They share two children together one is the daughter and another is the son.

So far he is still moving on from his married life and accepting his single life. So in this process, he is having a really fun time. For the past few weeks, he has not seen Eiza Gonzalez so that is the reason why we can say that things are not that serious between these two.

They have not gone to make this relationship publicly but they both are leaving some kind of clues. According to Jason, Eiza Gonzalez is stunning but at the same time, she is very smart and funny.

He is also aware that he really doesn’t want to settle down with anyone at this moment in his life. But at the same time, he also sees that there is a potential and need of continuing in his life.

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