Anupamaa Fans Are Disappointment, MaAn wedding is a joke

Anupamaa has gained popularity among Indian fans. Although being a television show, it has become a household favorite. In the past, few months Rupali Ganguly starting show has ruled the TRP chart. But this also means that the fans are keeping some high expectations from the show.

Anupamaa Serial Losing Its Fan Base

Currently, the sequel of the pre-wedding festivities of #MaAn’s Shaadi is taking place. And in the recent episode, we got a glimpse of the mehndi and sangeet function. Although, #MaAn’s Shaadi has raised quite a buzz among the fans. Since it feels like forever since everyone wanted to see them end together.

On the other hand, Vanraj aka Sudhanshu Pandey has been putting up with his negative role quite a lot. In addition, to trying his level best to stop the wedding. Although, fans are quite upset with Anupamaa makers rather than with Vanraj’s character. Feeling that your show makers are doing their part in ruining the show. Recently, social media has taken the hashtag ‘STOP RUINING ANUPAMA’ trend.

As you have seen in the Monday episode, Vanraj takes out Anuj to a secluded place to vent out his feelings. In addition, he decides to warn Anuj about starting a close bond. Not wanting him to get close to his kids – Pakhi, Toshu, and Samar.

Although, claiming that he didn’t actually really care about his shared relationship with Anupama. But his close relationship development with his kids offended him. And he should make sure to keep his safe distance from them.

This eventually makes Anuj go furious in anger. However, Anuj confesses to Vanraj that he would consider Anupama’s kids to be his own. Claiming that he would love and try to build a good relationship with them. As this would actually make Anupama happy.

Fans Sharing Their Disappointment With Mehndi Design of Anupamaa


Although, the makers have been disappointing its fan base quite a lot in the recent episodes. But what triggered the most disappointing part was Anupamaa’s Mehendi design. In addition, many social media users shared their disappointment on Twitter. Although, mining sure to mention the amateur mehndi design for the actress. It was more like a shoddy job done by an amateur artist. That was eventually hired by the production.

From Anupamaa mehndi design to the storyline to the space issue during the dance sequence, fans are upset with a lot of things. Netizens have tweeted a lot about their different opinion about the show.

And netizens are not really quite impressed with Anu’s mehndi design. In addition, contributed hundred of tweets to share their personal disappointment about it.

One Twitter user even posted:

“What do you guys think this actually is???


Family tree
Makers ka pagalpan


A user shared a video of Maan dancing. Claiming that they should have been provided more space for their performance.

Gaining Back Its Popularity Once Again 

Although, after many requests, #MaAn fans did get to enjoy the duo story. In addition, last week the show makers shared Anuj and Anupamaa’s romantic moments over their romantic date. Sharing to their audience, some cute little intimate moments. Ultimately sharing some personal moments away from the hustle-bustle of the Shah family.

Well, let’s just hope that the show makers will share some interesting moments. Hoping to get the audience interested and indulged once again in Anupamaa.

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