Our Father Netflix Documentary Release Date, and What’s the True Story

Brief short glimpse Of the new movie Our Father. One of the upcoming new drama stories is titled our father which was created by Lucie Jordan. The movie subtitles and the dialogues are given in the language of English have this is one of the Hollywood movies.

The people who already know about the premiere of the movie can know the complete information about the new movie Our Father in this article. In this article, we will give the main topics like the release date and the summary of the movie.

Details about the Netflix’s Our Father

Our Father
Slash Film

The team of the movie our father has decided to release the movie on May 11th of 2022 showing the genre Of the movie deals with the crime documentary. The runtime of the movie is expected to be nearly one hour 37 minutes or 40 minutes.

Another thing about the movie who are interested to watch the crime documentary need to watch it in the theatres instead of watching it on the OTT because the team has not yet been ready to premiere it online.

Because the team of the series has decided to release it worldwide in the theatres only. The people who are interested to watch this can include this in their wish list of the movie that can be watched with family and friends by having popcorn in their hands.

Enjoy the movie because it may reach our expectations that it will be a good story but let us see what happens on May 11th. Still, we have only a few days to know the complete story of the movie until then watch the trailer which has been released previously and some of the clips shared by the team of the movie.

Maybe the plot of the movie will revolve around the family and mainly they will highlight the story of the father as we have the title as our father. The trailer has given that the father will lead the complete story with his ups and downs in his life.

Until then let us try to know more about the cast who actively participated in this movie below. There are new 2 songs that were already premiered in the movie. Enjoy the movie in the theatres on May 11th and update the comments about the story of the movie.

Cast and crew of the movie our father

Our Father

• Donald Cline
• Bri Ana Wagner
• Simone-Elise Girard
• Leslie Koch
• Keith Boyle
• Jacoba Ballard
• Lea Roman
• Islam Moawad
• Dianna Kiesler
• Jason Hyatt
• Matt White
• Liz White
• Heather Woock
• Julie Harmon
• Tim DeLaney
• Carrie Nungester


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