Nokia X50 Is About To Get Launch, Here Are All The Details Of Its Feature!

Nokia X50 Update: Gadgets are the most important thing in our life as we are living in a world full of Machines. And that is the reason why we try to look for the best gadget we can ever afford and at the same time, it is very much comfortable and high tech.

Talking about gadgets then we should definitely talk about the phones which are very much common in today’s world. Cell phones are something that is totally a mixture of a Minicomputer and that is the reason why it has become the most used gadgets in this world. In the recent cell phone version, we have one of the best that is called as Nokia X50.

Nokia X50 is one of the best cell phones that is yet to launch. People are eagerly waiting for this version of Nokia as it provides almost everything which one needs and expects. Nokia has always given us the best of things in terms of cell phones and the best feature of it is its stronger quality and boldness. Details related to the features and the price of the cell phone are here.

Nokia X50 Is About To Get Launch

If we talk about the display of this Nokia X50 then it has a display of 6.5 inches that is going to be 16.51 CM. Talking about the pixels of the screen then it has 1080 X 2340. It has a punch-hole display and an LCD screen.

Nokia X50

The camera quality of this cell phone is the best. It has four cameras at the back which we called a Quad camera setup. One of the cameras has 108 megapixels which is going to be one of the most highly rated ones. The other three have eight megapixels followed by the five megapixels and last, it is 2 megapixels. The cell phone also has an LED Flashlight that will be totally in favor of a dark environment. If we talk about the front camera then the front camera is 32 megapixels.

Talking about the durability of the battery then it has good quality. It has a 6000 mah battery. It will get charged by type C chargers and has the best fast charging quality.

If we try to look at the internal storage of the cell phone then it will come in 128 GB. The internal storage will be expandable up to 512 GB. It will have two sim plots in which the first sim will be Nano and the other one will be Nanohybrid. The RAM of this mobile will be 6 GB.

The performance of the Nokia X50 will be totally great it will have the latest Android version which is Android v11. It will have an Octa-Core processor. The speed of the internet is up to the 5th generation which is 5G.

At last, is the price of this Nokia X50. Talking about the Indian market then it will cost Rupees 35990. The most expected price we can ever think of but one can save charges through online shopping. The phone will also be available for the EMI at 3000 per month and it will be applicable for 12 months.

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