Welcome to Eden: Update On Release Date & What we know

Welcome to Eden is a Spanish Thriller released on Netflix. The creators are Joaquin Gorriz and Guillermo Lopez Sanchez. The series is all set to release on 6th May 2022.

The series is produced by Brutal Media. The shooting of this series has been done in some areas of Teruel, Lanzarote, and San Sebastian.

The directors of this series are Daniel Benmayor and Menna Fite.

Star cast 

  • Amaia Aberastri as Zoa. 
  • Albert Baro as Aldo. 
  • Berta Castane as Gaby. 
  • Begona Vargas as Bel. 
  • Sergio Momo as Nico.  
  • Ana Mena as Judit. 
  • Belinda as Africa.  
  • Guillermo as Erik. 

As seen in the trailer we can see a group of teenagers who are very active on social media platforms is invited to one of the most happening parties on a secret Island. The Party is organized by a new Drink brand. 

Welcome to Eden

We can see a few accepting the invitation and they head out for the party on the Island, at night we can see a lot of people partying and the staff were selling them the same drink which organized the party. 

The next day we can see the people dozed off and they were the only people left on that Island and everyone just vanished from the party. They have been bought on this Island for some kind of experimental thing.

They have been monitored through Drone and after a while, we can see them taken to an unknown location on the Island where they find many other people and one of them says “Welcome to Eden”.  

We can see the people are a bit strange and look like they have been following some sort of rules and they are being monitored through various cameras around them.  

The series will show us the group of people who got stuck on the Island and were forced to follow those activities to try to run and save their life. We may encounter several cuss words and also nudity, so viewers’ discretion is required and a certain age group of people can only watch the series. 

The series will be full of mysteries and thrills, if you are searching for some thriller with a fresh concept then Welcome to Dune should definitely be on your watch list. 

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