El Marginal Season 5: Update On Release Date & What we know

El Marginal Season 5 Update: One of the all-time favorite Argentinian Series. El Marginal is now moving for part five. Yes, it is exciting! The best (Sebastian Ortega) will surely make a masterpiece.

Season 5 release dates are out,  the miracle will happen soon. The fans are excited, and we all are falling for it.

Is the news of Season 5 official? Yes, it is. Season 5 is going to happen soon.  As the last four parts were incredible, the expectations for the fifth part are pretty high.

TV Series: El Marginal Season 5

Network: Netflix

Main Stars: Juan Minujin, Claudio Rissi, Nicolas Furtado

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Country: Argentina

Language: Spanish

Release Date: 4 May 2022

Season: 5

Filming Locations: Buenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina

Also Known As El Marginal, El Marginal Season 5

El Marginal Season 5 Cast

  • Juan Minujin
  • Claudio Rissi
  • Nicolas Furtado
  • Martina Gusman
  • Abel Ayala
  • Gerardo Romano

El Marginal Season 5 Story Line

In the first season, the former cop Miguel Palacios is jailed at San Onofre, under a fake name and a fake Judicial case. in the second season prequal place.


El Marginal Season 5

There isn’t an official synopsis available for season 5 at the moment. We assume if and when production begins and we get closer to its release, the synopsis and trailer will be released.

Release Date Of El Marginal Season 5

Season 5 of releases on May 4, 2022, and can be watched on Netflix.

All About?

The Play Features Argentine actor Juan Minujin and former police officer Miguel Palacios who is serving a prison sentence in San Onofre to join a gang to get information about the kidnapping, but, with a change of heart, he ends up in prison and is forced to get a ransom and clear his name.


The series will be excellent and might be the best among all the parts released to date. But, to be honest, Season 4 was launched in October 2020, and it takes a lot of effort and time. Therefore, we want all the fans to keep their hopes alive until the release.

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