Nicole Kidman Cuddling With Her Husband Keith Urban In A Feather Dress

Nicole Kidman cuddling her husband Keith Urban while she was seen in a feather dress. She was there at the premiere of The Northman!

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman Update: The actress in Hollywood has something in their style which has attracted a lot of attention. Whenever they try something new on their body it becomes a trend that is never going to end for decades. Whether it is related to any fashion statement or giving any fashion style they have proved it in a lot of events.

If we talk about events then nothing could be best than the premiere of any series or movie. The premiere of series and movies has always been quite interesting.

We see a lot of celebrities in their perfect style. In the recent premiere of The Northman, we have seen the actress Nicole Kidman cuddling her husband Keith Urban while she was seen in a feather dress.

The actress Nicole Kidman has totally stolen the show. She is 54 years old but still looks like a woman in her 30. Whenever she appears on any red carpet event she just nails it.

Nicole Kidman Cuddling With Her Husband Keith

Recently she appeared at the premiere of The Northman and we have seen this actress in a green dress. She was looking beautiful as ever and it was not just the actress but also her husband singer who was there to join her.

The actress was wearing a green long sleeve dress that was having a total neck collar. The sleeves also had pink feathers attached to them. She has matched all these things with her black heels as well as the silver clutch. When it comes to her hair then she has tied her hair in a curly bun and her makeup was looking very beautiful.

Nicole Kidman was there with her husband who is a musician. The actress cuddled very close to her husband on the red carpet and in front of a lot of cameras. Keith Urban was looking very stunning in his black shirt and black pants. He was head to toe filled with black.

When it comes to the upcoming project Nicole Kidman then it is going to come into theatres on 22 April. It was not the first time and we have spotted this couple giving a perfect time to the cameras. The couple is so much in love with each other and we can see it through their gestures.

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