Ultraman Season 2: Update On Release Date & What We Know So Far

Ultraman Season 2 on Netflix. Ultraman is an anime series based on manga with the same name. This anime series in collaboration with Netflix is the result of the constant efforts of the Tsuburaya Production house to increase their project count around the world. The quick success of the first season ensured the confirmation of the second season.  

Earth is going through turmoil. Human life has vanished from the face of the earth because of an alien association called Dark Star. A group of 6 great warriors tries to save the prospects of humans on earth.  

Ultraman is all set to release on Netflix on the 14th of April. Created by Eiichi Shimizu, this action-packed adventure series is sure to hone diligent Anime and manga fans from all over the world. The animation is flawless and the graphics are sure to amaze you throughout the show. 

Ultraman Season 2: Update On Release Date

Ultraman Season 2

The new Ultraman trailer starts off with a vacant Ultraman suit dropping on the floor. We swiftly culminate into rough and action-packed battle scenes between the Ultraman heroes and the Alien tyrants. The scene ends with such vigor that it sure raises goosebumps for anime fans across the world: all the six Ultraman lining up to fight in unison. 

There are some additions to the show that we know as of now. We will get to see the character of Alien Pendant voiced over by Junichi Suwabe. Apart from that, Taro’s girlfriend will be voiced over by actor Maaya Sakamoto. Season 2 Director Kenji Kamiyama has given us some insight on the addition of new siblings to the superhero action.  

The creator has been suffering from a lot of health issues which has delayed the release of the show in the past. The monthly manga and Volume 13 were delayed till March of 2019. There have been a lot of setbacks in the production of the show. It finally released is a relief for both the audience and the creators.  

Designed as a direct sequel to the manga, the anime sticks by the classics of incarnations but discards the generic armored heroes. In the new season trailer, we see an enormous weapon from the space appear in front of Ultraman heroes who are human-sized.  

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