Emma Mackey to Cast in Barbie Movie with Margot Robbie

Emma Mackey, who starred in Sex Education, has reportedly won an A-list party in the Barbie film opposite Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

According to insiders, the actress, 26, will begin filming for the movie in the coming weeks. She is most known for her role as Maeve Wiley in the Netflix thriller.

It’s unclear what role Emma will play, but it’s already been reported that Margot, 31, will portray Barbie, and Ryan, 41, will play Ken.

‘Emma is one of the brightest lights to emerge from Sex Education,’ a source told the Sun. ‘The series gave her a break into the industry, and she made waves as Maeve.’ Emma’s name has become a sought-after commodity, with everyone wanting a piece of her. She played Jacqueline De Bellefort in the new film adaptation of Death on The Nile and Emily Bronte in the upcoming biopic on the author’s life.

‘Emma’s role is being kept under wraps, but it’s a significant one that will solidify her transition from small-screen actress to big-screen star. Emma is thrilled to be working on the show, and she can’t wait to get started.’

Greta Gerwig, who has been nominated for an Academy Award, is directing the live-action feature.

While no specifics about the project have been revealed, Margot previously teased: ‘We prefer things that are a little off the beaten path.’ Because of the intellectual property and the term, itself, people automatically think of Barbie. ‘Oh, Margot is playing Barbie, I recognize her.’ “Whatever you’re thinking, we’re going to give you something completely different – the thing you didn’t even realize you wanted,” we want to express.

What Emma Mackey has to say about the Barbie Movie?

 Emma Mackey

Emma has also been working on Frances O’Connor’s directorial debut, Emily, which will follow the narrative of the legendary novelist, best known for her landmark novel Wuthering Heights, but has yet to be released.

Emma will star with Adrian Dunbar from Line of Duty, Gemma Jones from Ammonite, and Fionn Whitehead from Dunkirk in the next film.

‘Emily Bront’s writing is soaked in such passion, intensity, anger, and strong brilliance – that I’ve always desired to know who she truly was,’ Frances, 53, said of the planned production.

‘Emily is about a misfit and a rebel, a young lady who, despite the repercussions, dares to create herself, to accept her own nature. And, through imagining a life for her, I believe Emily Bront will come to life.

‘Frances’ storytelling is a breath of fresh air,’ said Tim Haslam of Embankment, who is executive producing and financing the film.

‘It attracts tremendously dynamic actors, each portraying highly intriguing characters, each provocative and just a smidgeon hazardous; unquestionably, modern and passionate.

Emily was born in 1818 in West Yorkshire, the fifth of six children, and spent the majority of her youth at Haworth, a moorland village where her Irish father Patrick was vicar.

But Emily’s life was cut short when she lost her mother when she was three years old, followed by two elder sisters when she was seven.

Following her trauma, the novelist fled into a dream world with her siblings, composing stories and poetry.

Wuthering Heights is a painful love story set on the Yorkshire Moors, and the author poured her anguish and passion into it.

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