Hard Cell: Netflix Release Date & Every Update That Fans Must Know

Hard Cell is a fictional satire documentary  about the inmates of HMP Woldsley.

Hard Cell

Hard Cell is a fictional satire documentary about the inmates of HMP Wolseley. Writer and creator, Catherine Tate believes in the rehabilitation of these women who do not deserve to be in prison for non-violent crimes.

She adapts prison musicals as a form of creativity and self-expression which will refresh these inmates and make them reach for life and rehabilitation more willingly. Catherine Tate plays multiple characters in this web series.

The characters aim to portray the range of personalities found in a prison- from a violent pink-haired woman who describes singing to be her happy place to a quiet, dainty inmate who is only there for justice.  

Laced with witty humor and sarcasm, this mockumentary skillfully portrays life behind bars and the trials that come with it. Anywhere hard cell lacks, Catherine Tate fulfills. This is a show with a serious message but made to be taken lightly.

Hard Cell: Netflix Release Date 

A lot of characters are only present to add comical effect to the show. Many elements from the show are unrealistic so it is safe to say that those bits are only for the laughs. 

We do cringe and sometimes gag at some of the humor, specifically the ones focusing on defecation and vomits but somehow the brilliance in the acting and plot make up for it and we are left smiling and yearning to know more about a character. Tate has made sure to put up the many faces of prison in this show quite similar to the many faces that she plays. 

Orange Is The New Black has set the stone high for prison comedies but we have our hopes high for Hard Cell too. The trailer is promising which sets the tone for the show.

The audience expects heartwarming but evocative messages through light characters. Catherine Tate has proven to be a multifaceted actor this time again.

The show is set to premiere on the 12th of April and leaves the audience with several cliffhangers: will the musical directed by ex- EastEnders Cheryl Fergison be successful in making the inmates believe in a shot of rehabilitation and hope? What happens when you put convicts of several multitudes in a room and expect them to cooperate? Will the characters played by Tate herself contrast each other? All is left to see and, we will be watching! 

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