The Crown Is Coming Up With It’s Prequel That Will Cover The Reign Of Kings!

The Crown

The Crown Update: There are a lot of movies and a lot of series which are very much famous among viewers. That is the reason why a lot of people demand its sequels. At the same time, there are a lot of people who have thought of the prequels and the story before the series or film started.

When it comes to any series that is influenced by real-life events then sequels and prequels are very much highlighted. One such series that is inspired by real-life events especially that of the Royal Family is the Crown. The Crown series has got a lot of appreciation as well as criticism and that is the reason why people have always wanted its prequel.

The Crown is a series that tells us or which gives us a few details about the Royal family. It starts with Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation and ends with Princess Diana. A lot of people wanted to know about things that has happened before the coronation of Elizabeth II. They wanted to see the life of Kings before Elizabeth II.

The Crown Is Coming Up With Its Prequel

According to Variety, the production which produces the Crown that is Left Bank Pictures and Netflix is right now in discussion related to the prequel. They are right now thinking of making a prequel that will show the life of Kings before Elizabeth II.

Since the discussion is still going on so that is the reason why it has not been announced publicly. It is neither developed nor has got any kind of approval yet.

If we think of a prequel then it may start with the death of Queen Victoria which happened in 1901. It will end up with the moment from where The Crown started which is the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II to Prince Philip in the year 1947. The prequel would be written by Peter Morgan and when it comes to its running then it may run for 5 seasons.

According to some reports, it will cover almost 50 years. It will start with the death of Queen Victoria and will go on with Edward VII who ruled from 1901-to 10. It will then follow George V from 1910-to 1936, Edward VIII of 1936, and then George VI (1936- 52).

When it comes to The Crown season then its fifth season is still going on. The shooting has started and it is right now getting filmed in London. There are a lot of pictures that have come from behind the scenes of the shooting.

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