The Boys: Actor Karen Fukuhara Told How She Was Attacked.

The Boys Update: She said  ‘Us Women, Asian, the Elderly Need Your Help’ Ms. Fukuhara has shared about how she was recently attacked by a man.

On March 16, Wednesday, the actress, mainly famous for her characters in The Boys and Suicide Squad, shared that she was attacked by a man out of nowhere when she was strolling down to a cafe.

The Boys- She has said on March 16 she was attacked by a man although no serious harm was done to her things like this need to stop, Karen has shared on social media;

The Boys: Actor Karen Fukuhara Told How She Was Attacked.

Instagram  “Us women, Asian, the elderly need your help. I rarely share about my private life, but something happened today that I thought was important.”

The Boys

Here Is A Little Summary Of What Happened On That Day.

The 30 years old actress was going to a cafe to get some coffee then suddenly a man hit her in the back of her head. 

The man came out of nowhere, she was shocked, she said that she made no eye contact with the attacker, she was not doing something extraordinary. 

She continued her shocking story, but the actress did not disclose about the event where it took place. 

This whole event came to her surprise and her hat flew away. By the time she looked back, the attacker was not much away from her, he kept following her. 

Karen shared with us that this is the first time in her lifetime she has been harmed by someone physically, she has been the victim of racial slurs before.

The story concluded that she got lucky. He could have come back to blow her again. 

The situation would have been worse if he had a weapon with him. She was so shocked that now she is thinking about getting self-defense classes.

 But this is what ‘victims’ of such events always have to think about. This has always been a sad reality.

What satisfaction do these people get from hitting women, They should be held accountable for their actions.

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