Selena Gomez Was Seen In Black Dress In SAG Awards, Click To Know More

Selena Gomez Update: 2022 as a year has already spent two of its months that is January and February and we have seen how our favorite celebrities have maintained these two years. When it comes to the new month that is March then it has started with some fashion that was shown in award shows as well as fashion shows.

Among them were Paris Fashion Week as well as SAG awards. There were a lot of celebrities who have attended these events and when it comes to the SAG Awards then we have seen the singer Selena Gomez in a very beautiful dress.

Selena Gomez who is a singer and also an actress was seen wearing a very beautiful dress for an award function. It was on 1st March 2022 that we have seen her. This award function was about a lot of stars and we have also seen that many of them have taken trophies and good memories with them.

Selena Gomez Was Seen In Black Dress In SAG Awards

Selena Gomez

When it comes to Selena Gomez then she herself was seen in a very beautiful Avatar. She was seen wearing a beautiful crop top with puffed shoulder and full sleeves. She was wearing this dress with a very beautiful diamond choker and also a pair of diamond earrings. Her make-up was to the line and her hair was tied up in a bun.

In the SAG Awards, we have seen how Selena was met with a little funny accident where she has lost a bit of a balance on her heels. She is wearing the dress oscar de la Renta and she was wearing the same color black High Heels. When she was giving a pose to the cameras of media then at that time she fell down from high heels.

She then maintain these things very well and walked off silently. Later on, we have also seen that Selena Gomez has also presented the award in the category of Outstanding Female Supporting Actor.

After incidence when she fell off from her heels she was seen walking barefoot. It was not just for a moment but she has walked like this in the whole award function. She has even represented in one of the categories and we have seen how she was walking comfortably without heels.

She has maintained this grace very beautifully and very confidently and with no doubt, we can say that she has again proved herself. She was seen grounded every time and everywhere.

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