Leaving Behind Breaking Bad Euphoria Becomes The 2nd Most Watched Series After Game Of Thrones.

Leaving Behind Breaking Bad Euphoria Becomes The Second Most Watched Series After Game Of Thrones. Here is what we all need to know about the series so far.

The actress Zendaya leads the drama Euphoria which is a hit yet another series high with its Season 2 finale episode Sunday, and you might not believe but it actually drew 6.6 million views by each viewer.

This show is mainly run by some of the famous names like Jacob Elordi and Zendaya, Jacob who plays the role of Nate Jacobs is none other than our beloved NOAH FLYNN from the Kissing Booth.

Just like every other time EUPHORIA this time also did not disappoint us with the plot and acting,

it is again the top title on HBO Max, America, not breaking down the streak and hit it for the seventh time.

Not only in America but in European countries it can be found on the top searches also, people are loving the series all over the world.

The ‘Variety’ radar of shows announced on February 1, ‘Euphoria’s per-episode-viewership and the average was nearly 100 per cent from the very first season and, after the launch of its first four episodes of the second season, it hit the sky.

Or we could say it gave the feeling of EUPHORIA !!!

Euphoria Season 2

Euphoria on social media crossed many hashtags and on twitter it crossed 34 million tweets, omg !!

Season 2 of Euphoria revolves around the connected lives of  high school kids in the town of East Highland,

where there is a girl who is 17-year-old Rue (Zendaya) and in search of hope to balance the pressures of craze of love, failures and addiction.

The finale episode had many of the season’s huge conflicts which came face to face— more than one in a crazy abnormal fashion.

The series includes many other actors apart from Zendaya and Jacob Elordi, such as : Hunter Schafer, Eric Dane, Nika King etc.

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