Tom Holland Was Seen Holding Hands With Zendaya While Heading To A NYC Event!

Tom Holland and Zendaya Spotted Together at NYC Event. Once we got to know that any new couple has been formed in the entertainment industry then we crave for their look together. That is the reason why they get popped whenever they make appearance tighter.

It is very usual to get paired with another costar in real life because they are the ones with whom they share a great amount of time in the set and that is the realism why they end up together. Along with them are the Spider-Man casts Tom Holland and Zendaya.

Tom Holland and Zendaya are now a real-life couple and they were in news since 2021 July when they were spotted kissing each it’s in a car. From that time onward we have our eyes on the couple and now they are giving us many appearances together that have fulfilled the appetite of their fans. Recently these two were spotted hand in hand while leaving Crossby Street Hotel.

Tom Holland was quite busy attending the press conference of his movie Uncharted. He has attended a lot of press conferences in different cities and countries like Europe, Rome, and Paris too. After coming from so many places he thought of spending time with Zendaya and that’s the reason why he was spotted with her, hand in hand
Tom was wearing a grey blazer and grey matching pants. He was wearing a black high neck and formal shoes.

Tom Holland And Zendaya Together At NYC Event!


On the other side, we have Zendaya who was very fashionable, she was wearing a one-shirt piece that was wrapped by a belt. She was also wearing black netted stockings and her hair was open. They both were wearing masks for safety.

Recently these two are in news related to shifting tighter in a house that was of Tom. But later the news came that they are shifting together in a new house which was of worth $ 4Million. It has 6 bedrooms and halls and many bathrooms, plus a kitchen too. They are now renovating the house and they soon will shift together.

Zendaya is also in continuous touch with the Uncharted a tie who was the co-star of Tom Holland, he is Tati Gabrielle. They do share a great bonding.

Tim has also shown her support when Zendaya away shooting for Euphoria. Now the euphoria is in a run then the only thing we are expecting is to get Tom as a cameo in the series. But it is still not clear. These two were seen again on 16 February hand in hand while they were heading to an event.

The event is in New York and they have stayed in a hotel for a while. They do share some adorable binding that is very clear to see. Fans are happy that they are helping and supporting each other’s work and they are also making public appearances together.

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