Euphoria Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Rue’s Struggle, What’s going on Between Maddy And Cassie?

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 6 Updates: Euphoria is taking thrown in the world of early adults. This drama mainly emphasized some teenagers’ struggles. The struggle of living in a problematic family. The struggle of losing someone they dearly love and being a drug addict.

The struggle of being in a toxic relationship. Or conflicts some teenagers face for being chubby. Euphoria Season 1 ended around the third of 2019. Then Euphoria Season 2 started this year in February. The show featured some problematic characters. Every one of them has some major problems in life.

What happened in Euphoria Season 2, Episode 6?

As the last episode ended Laurie injected Rue, portrayed by Zendaya with morphine.  In this episode, Rue is trying really hard to fight her drug addiction. And with her withdrawal syndrome getting more effective, she is suffering more and more. As it was shown, she can’t assemble enough strength to even open up a Jolly Rancher.

Yet when her mother tries to help she refuses. Rue’s desperation with doing everything and every task by herself and not asking for no one’s help.  It’s clear that she still has to learn that calling out for help is not hurting her dignity.

She also feels mentally unstable because of the syndrome. So occupied with enormous regret. She called Ali and apologized to him for her hurtful words. And later on, he came at night and cooked dinner.

And after what seems like ages the Bennet family feels something close to normal around their dinner table. But it’s not a surprise that the show keeps major attention to Rue. Where there is another character suffering from all of this. That’s Rue’s sister Gia.

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Gia seems to always stay behind the doors, poking her head and watching everything. Suffering, knowing the situation. Which nobody seems to notice. But this episode gives a little time to her. As Ali went to talk to her, reassure her. When he asked about how she feels, it was clear from her reaction that it’s not a question she gets asked by anyone, often. Also, Rue exclaims that she doesn’t really know anything about her. Also, Rue got rejected by the rehab last minute. The helplessness was shown by the image of two sisters sleeping peacefully together.

On the other hand, fans were curious about Cassie (Sydney Sweeney). After Rue exposed her about sleeping with Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi). Not surprisingly when fans saw it, she blamed Rue for exposing her to Maddy and her father for abandoning her. She also threatened them about attempting suicide by a corkscrew.

Meanwhile, Nate also unsurprising to his character seems unbothered with absolutely no remorse. But his mother reveals she knows about her son’s abusive behavior. Nate being manipulative is not a surprise. As he gives the disk to Jules. Nobody knows what’s going to happen. Also Maddy planning about killing Nate.

Fans already suspected that Euphoria is having another season. Because of the way this show is running they can’t seem to organize the situation in the finale. Let’s wait for the next episode watch what happens? If the Jacobs goes down or not.

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