Kanye West Is Not Ready To Sign the Papers that Would Make Kim Legally Single!

Why Kanye West is not signing the papers, and how Kim Kardashian responds to it. Marriage is not a matter of some hours or days and so is the divorce. If someone is bound to marriage then they think of a lifetime but for someone, it does not last long. Some marriages lead to divorce and some of the divorces lead to nightmares. It happens not just to us but to many celebrities.

Many celebrities have gone through so many things in life. The recent divorce that is always in the news is the divorce of Kim and Kanye.

Kim has separated from her ex-husband Kanye West. It was in February that they went it official. The couple has been married for many years and has played a lot of years before they get married. But their relationship changed into a disaster and headed towards divorce.

It is not just divorce that is affecting them but also the dramatic thing that is going in between Kanye and Kim related to the parenting of the kid.

What Kanye West says about not Signing the Papers?

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We know that they have headed towards divorce but Kim is still not officially single. She is still waiting to end her married status and get her single status back after some years. But it seems that Kanye is not in a mood to go in favor of Kim. He is not ready to sign the papers of her being single. These things are not acting to do quickly for Kim.

Last week Kanye has created a dramatic scene when North has used TikTok and has applied some makeup on her face. Kanye as a father was not ready to let her daughter use makeup and the internet at this very early age in her life. So that is the reason why Kanye is not in a mood to finalize the single status of Kim.

According to some sources, Kim has said that divorce has already been hard for the kids so that is the reason why she does not want her children to get involved in this drama. It would be very painful to them. She is trying to keep her kids away from these negative things and the things that are leading to pain.

Kanye West is all in a mood to tear Kim down to the roots but Kim on the other hand is not going to feel afraid of it or Kanye West. She is all set to protect herself, her children, and her relationship with Pete at any cost!

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