Joe Alwyn Talks About His Monogamy Relationship With Taylor Swift! All information Here.

Are Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift Dating? Our Celebrities are always in news related to their relationship status and marriage life. Whether it is their single status or the mingle or the open relationship or the private one. We have seen these things always get the headlines.

Many celebrities have kept their love life very much private and that also becomes one of the reasons why they are in news. If such celebrities talk or hint something from their private life then fans go crazy about it. Among such celebrity couple is Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift, a 32 years old Singer and performer, and 31 years old actor Joe Alwyn are dating each other for a quite long period. Recently Joe Alwyn has said something related to his love life with Taylor Swift. It is very rare for Taylor or Joe to talk about their relationship.

In conversation with CTAM, Joe has said that an open relationship is quite good. He called it very fascinating. But at the same time, he said that he admire that he is in a monogamous relationship.

What more did Joe Alwyn share about his and Taylor Swift’s relationship?


Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have started dating each other since 2016 and it is now almost 6 years. We will see Joe Alwyn in the recent Hulu series called Conversation With Friends. In this series, his character explores an open relationship.

To comment on open relationships and his own, he said that people can do what they like or what they want and whatever makes them happy. When it comes to his happiness then he is happy in a monogamous relationship with Taylor.

Joe said that he does want to explore happiness as well as love and desire. He also wants to explore the intimacy that do lies outside one’s relationship and that we create on our own. He called these all things very much fascinating. As we know that Joe and Taylor have always kept their relationship very private so it is very rare to hear anything from them.

Taylor Swift has always been very much vocal in her past relationship. Whether it is Harry Styles or Calvin Harris or even Tom Hiddleston. She has written songs on them and has talked publicly about them.

When it comes to her relationship with Joe then Taylor once said that her relationship is not something to discuss, it is not for discussion. She has also written many songs for Joe which we can hear from her latest album Lover.

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