Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Spotted at Church, Justin Bieber was Unrecognizable

On his trip to church with his wife Hailey Baldwin in Beverly Hills, Justin Bieber donned a strange mask over his face. Look at the image! Is it ski season in LA? On his way to church with his wife Hailey Baldwin, 25, in Beverly Hills on January 26, Justin Bieber, 27, wore a bizarre mask over his entire head.

The mask, which didn’t cover his mouth or nose, appeared to be covered in white letters on a black background. In case anyone didn’t get the memo that he didn’t want to be bothered, the musician wore sunglasses over the mask’s eye holes and a hoodie over his head.

With a drink of something in his hand, Justin finished his unusual outfit with cargo trousers and Crocs. Hailey had a serious expression on her face and was dressed casually in a cream-colored blouse, wide-leg slacks, sneakers, and a brown cropped coat with a shearling lining.

The couple, who dated on and off for years before marrying in 2018, is routinely photographed attending church services, but this look takes the cake!

Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin At Church

Justin Bieber

Justin’s latest project isn’t the first time he’s combined faith and fashion. The controversial singer posed for a Balenciaga campaign in November wearing a floor-length black cloak, black square-toed clunky boots, and a lanyard around his neck with a handful of keys. “It’s fashion sweetie,” Justin captioned the photo, which also showed him wearing a solemn, solemn expression.

Justin, who is known for keeping his fans guessing with his appearance, made headlines on January 20 when he was caught in his car with a freshly shaven head, partially hidden under a red sweatshirt.

A few days later, he shared a shot on Instagram, this time sporting a fuzzy, black-and-white zebra-print bucket hat and wearing sunglasses at night, once again covering his newly bald head.

At the very least, fashion is transient (unlike the tattoos adorning his body) and all about taking chances, so he may wear whatever he wants and will almost certainly get away with it!

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