Kanye West Is Not Happy With Kim Giving Permission To North For Using TikTok And Doing Makeup

Kanye West responds to North West using TikTok and Wearing Makeup. It’s hard to say how things go dramatically if the couple is not able to handle themselves quite well after the divorce. It becomes more miserable for those who are always in the eyes of the camera. Some of our celebrities whom we thought of as a very adorable couple have ended up drastically that we have never thought of it.

Even after the divorce, they are still dealing with each other’s drama that is going hard for them. Among them are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Kim and Kanye headed towards divorce in February 2021 and it seems that their drama related to separation is not going to get over so soon. We have seen how Kanye has created a drama for Kim on the birthday of Chicago and how it resulted in getting the headlines of the news. Something like that has happened again. Kanye is not ready to leave any drama.

The 44-year-old rapper has now kept his worrisome problem related to his daughter North. Recently North was seen in lipstick in her TikTok video and this led to another drama. According to Kanye, North is not allowed to put on lipstick until and unless he allows her to.

Why is Kanye West Not Happy With Kim?

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North West was seen in dark brown lipstick with pink eye shadow and a little bit of makeup in her recent TikTok video. We have also seen earlier how she went with a reindeer look makeup which was liked by a lot of people. She tries to give.

Makeup tutorial to viewers. But it seems that the father Kanye is not happy with it. He has already talked bout these things to Kim but it seems that she is not listening. And that is the reason why Kanye doesn’t want to talk to her again because according to him every conversation between Kim and Kanye leads to a debate and argument.

Kanye has kept some three norms related to his children in front of Kim. He said that he don’t want any kind of security between him and the kids. He also said that he doesn’t want North to put any type of makeup on her face and the third one is that he doesn’t want any kind of TikTok involvement for North.

It seems that this drama is never going to end even if they have separated their ways and started a new life with their new partners, Kim with Pete and Kanye with Julia.

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