Shawn Mendes Slipped and Fell While Flexing bare chested on a recent trek in Los Angeles. 

It’s 2nd time we have seen Shawn Mendes shirtless, however, this time Shawn fell while he was showing off his chest. The “Stitches” singer posed shirtless on a West Coast hiking trail in the first of two posts, showing off his handsome, fit figure in only black shorts and sneakers for the trip.

A video of the Canadian resident flexing those remarkable muscles, but then falling down the hill! Despite an embarrassing fall, he took it all in stride, laughing with his friends who filmed the video and linking the point in time with John Mayer’s song “Gravity.”

It’s not uncommon to see a bare-chested Shawn, and fans recently received another slew of steamy photos when the singer took in some Miami, Florida rays.

Fans got another treat from that outing when Shawn, 23, and his ex-girlfriend Camila Cabello, 24, were seen walking their dog, Tarzan, in Miami on January 6 — nearly two months after they ended things.

Since then, fans have been in a frenzy of curiosity, wondering if they are reuniting. Although neither of the singers has spoken out about what happened during their short meeting in Miami, A source familiar to Shawn revealed what was the reality behind their meeting.

Shawn Mendes wished to meet Camila while she was in Miami.

Shawn Mendes

He only had a few days left in Miami, and it had been a long time since they had seen each other,” our source explained. Camilla also left some flirty texts on her ex-Instagram boyfriends on January 20.

It all started when Shawn posted a 12-second clip of the latest track he’s working on social networking sites. “Y’all dig this?” the “Something Big” singer captioned the post.

Not only did a slew of his 66 million followers like the post, but his ex also commented, “Ur crazy wildcat.” We’ll be watching to see if there are any more flirtations or outings!

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