Natalie Portman and Son Aleph spotted at His Friends House, Aleph Look More Like Her Mother

Natalie Portman and Son Aleph were spotted at a friend’s house. We have seen how our Hollywood celebrities, who are parents too, care about their kids a lot. From being the grounded person to making their kids grounded, they work so hard in their personal life.

They also try to give their children a normal life by making them feel so. From getting them from schools to dropping them at a friend’s house, they do it all. Such a thing was recently seen with Natalie Portman who was seen with her son Aleph.

Natalie Portman, 40 years old actress who has won several awards for her acting is now doing her job as a parent with her son Aleph. She was recently seen with her son who is ten years old, Aleph. She went to receive her son from his friend’s house.

The mother was looking dapper as always and her son was also matching with her too. We see it very rarely that Portman gets spotted with her kids. She actually avoids being social when it comes to her kids but this time we have spotted her happy with his son.

Natalie Portman And Son Aleph

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We have also seen that she was doing some conversations with ten years old kid and she was smiling too. The son was wearing a half sleeve t-shirt of puma that was in blue and he was also wearing shorts in light blue color. He was wearing white socks and a pair of speakers in black. We can see his curled hair that was matching him, like every day.

He was looking very much like his mother Natalie, the more he is growing, the more he looks like her. On the other side, we have seen Natalie was wearing a blue full sleeve sweatshirt and she was wearing loose jeans. She was wearing puma sneakers in pink color. She was carrying a backpack on her back.

For her hair, she went with a simple bun and for safety, she was also carrying her mask. We have also seen that there was something in the hands of the son, something like a notebook.

Natalie was spotted a lot of times with her kids. We have seen her enjoying precious time with kids, like going to Disneyland and so. Natalie Portman has married a dancer and a choreographer of France, Benjamin Millepied whom she dated from the year 2009 and married in 2012. She has two kids with him and living her happy life as a wife and a mother.

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