Brie Bella Messaged Leonardo Dicaprio Just To Get His Attention!

Brie Bella revealed how she messaged Leonardo It happens a lot of time that a lot of celebrities do feel soft corner or hearty corner for others or should we say that they have a crush on other. It happens that our celebrities sometimes do have some celebrity crush or at least someone whom they want to meet and talk to, just like us.

We have seen such a thing during some award show or even talk show, we have seen how our favorite star confesses having a crush on another star. Among them is now, Brie Bella.

Brie Bella has recently revealed a thing that astonished a lot of people. She has done a confession related to the Titanic star Leonardo Dicaprio. It was in an interview that Brie Bella said something she has done to get the attention of Leonardo Dicaprio.

She has not directly said that she has a crush over the Titanic lead but all her actions reflected the same thing. She has actually messaged Leonardo to get his attention.

What more did Brie Bella share?

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What Brie Bella has done was like any other fan does. She thought of an offer that she thought that Leo would never turn down. It was her direct message on the social networking id of Leo that she messaged him. She started with a very simple deal of business that is quite environmentally friendly.

She talked about her friend whose name is Carlo Mondavi who has started a business with his fiance named as Gio. They together have started a business of electric tractor company. This company would be totally environmentally friendly.

She has messaged these things to Leonardo and later she also messages that how these things would not only help the environment but it will be also helpful for the farmers too. She messaged these things to him because Leonardo is very much vocal when it comes to the environment and its safety.

She thought that the Titanic lead would reply to her back but it couldn’t happen. She has even confessed these things in the interview and has also said that if Leo is watching then Leo should reply to her messages.

These all things are actually inspired by her twin Sister called Nikki Bella. Nikki has also done something like this with Kim Kardashian as well as Khloe Kardashian. She has written that times are tough and she has tried to give them a sweet message and encourage them. Just like her sister, Brie has also tried it but it failed.

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